A Song of Murder and Treasure
Book 2: A Host of Hobgoblins

With the death of Reardon Cormaeril and the end of his Lordship in Eveningstar, the last heirs of this once-great noble house have fled Cormyr across the sea to Westgate. In deposing the tyrant, the chartered adventuring company called the Ebon League has forced the nobility to recognize its legitimacy and wonder who they would support between dynastic loyalists and populist separatists.

As Lords prepare their feudal commitments to fulfill their oaths, a secret cabal enacts its dark machinations uninhibited, further entwining itself with the noble houses while sowing the seeds of mistrust and rebellion. Confident in their ability to take complete control of the aristocracy by fighting this proxy battle, the cult's bold moves now carry an increased risk of exposure.

While civil war looms in Cormyr, the Ebon League looks north beyond the Storm Horns, where a massive goblin horde prepares to make good on its promise to reconquer the Forest Kingdom. With the loss of the War Wizards amid the Spellplague and the mustering of Purple Dragons in the south, the Ebon League now stands alone to stem the tide of a goblin invasion.

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