These are dark times. After dissolving the Senate and the destruction of their dreaded Death Star, the Galactic Empire has tightened its grip on the galaxy in the name of security.

Hoping to distance themselves from civil war, the fringers and scoundrels of the Outer Rim territories still conduct their business outside of the Empire's influence. The CANTINA TURNER carries one such crew to a routine job on the remote swamp planet Pantano.

But the Galactic Empire's influence is not easily escaped. Surprising the planet's inhabitants, an Imperial naval squadron has entered Pantano's orbit and begins a blockade, preventing all ships from entering or leaving the system…


Set initially at the approximate midpoint between Episodes IV and V, we'll begin on Pantano, a rainy, lawless swamp planet orbiting a dying star where people go to disappear. The thematic inspiration I'm working from is like if someone put eighteenth century New Orleans in sixteenth century Okinawa, and then made an eighties movie about it—swamps, fishermen, neon signs, gamblers, ramen shops, pickpockets, always night, always raining, fan boats (but with, like, Star Wars hover technology), etc.; Blade Runner on the bayou gets you close enough.

The Pantan system will be located between the Mid Rim and Outer Rim, along the border of Hutt Space. With limited natural resources and no obvious strategical value, it's historically evaded any Imperial attention, but they seem to have become interested both suddenly and significantly, setting up an orbital blockade to harass ships entering and leaving the system. The Hutts, who had likewise never maintained much affiliation with the system, view the Imperial arrival as a challenge to the autonomy of Hutt space and the blockade a threat to their interplanetary dealings (so, smuggling).

The player characters' arrival on Pantano precedes the blockade for a purpose you'll determine at character creation, but the looming threat of that blockade (and perhaps some curiosity about why there even is one) prevents their immediate departure. At least the first act or two—maybe the entirety of the first episode—will be set here, as we'll learn about the Imperial activity in the sector, meet the factions who oppose them, and take our first steps into a larger world.


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