Aleister Dragonguard
Aleister Dragonguard
Race Human
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Bahamut
Character Sheet

Aleister Dragonguard is a retired Purple Dragon Knight and veteran of the Goblin War, the patron of House Dragonguard in Arabel. He has wizened features and silvering brown hair worn short with a beard, adorned in a coat of mithral rings and a golden dragon, the sigil of his house, emblazoned on his chest. He looks (and sounds) a great deal like Austrian übermensch Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a gifted warlord and an able warrior, making an impressive showing in battles fought long ago for king and country, and effortlessly wields a bastard sword that an ordinary man would be hard-pressed to lift, even now in his sixtieth winter. Aleister has a reputation for fairness, mercy, and honesty, but also values responsibility and accountability, which gives him something of a naive, monochromatic view of the world. He is quick to act and quick to anger, with a taste for wine and mead and the strong, dark beers of Arabel, but he rejects the pleasures of women (save his wife, Kasandra) and disapproves of gambling. He looks an awful lot like

Aleister has long been a political rival of the King's uncle, Reardon Cormaeril, the former Lord of Eveningstar, having served together in the Goblin War when they rallied in Eveningstar to retake Arabel from the goblin horde. Reardon's eldest son, Gavin, was killed in the attack, creating a rift between the two noble lords, but recently Aleister's son Konrad was married to Reardon's daughter Deirdre, which was intended to cool the rivalry.

Now that House Cormaeril has fallen, it is unclear if Aleister or his son Konrad, who has the most legitimate claim to Eveningstar after Tessaril Winter, will move to claim the village. It is likely that this move would be unopposed (and even welcomed by some), as the Dragonguards command considerable respect among both the nobility and the common people.

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