Alexander Carver VI
Alexander Carver VI
Race Human
Heroic Class Battlemind 1
Alignment Good?
Patron Deity Unknown
Player Dave Hickling
Alexander Carver VI

Alexander Carver VI is a human battlemind from Cimbar. His mother and father Diane and Alexander continued the family business, trading goods between the warring states of Chessenta. Because the goods are mostly luxury items, the warring factions don't interfere with the shipments. The family is wealthy enough to afford excellent guards, so bandits are rarely an issue. Alexander VI grew up traveling between various places with his father. Despite being on the road for most of his childhood, Alexander always had the finest things. His father was a very savvy trader; Alexander learned everything he needed to know about how to read people from him.

One day on a routine exchange, the client pulled knife on his father in an attempt to steal his merchandise. In an amazing blur of speed, Alexander incapacitated the would-be bandit and saved his father's life. His father recognized his talents and sent him to study under Morgak Ironender, a dwarven battlemind his father had made some deals with. Morgak and Alexander trained for a few years together; Morgak taught him how to fight with his body and mind.

After returning from his training, Alexander quickly grew bored with the life of a merchant. He had a taste of an adventurer's life and he had to have more. Knowing that Alexander was never one to take no for an answer, his father let him leave with his blessing. Wanting a change of scenery to get a fresh start he chartered a boat and sailed to Marsember.

The Silver Company

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