Alston Hedgeshade

Alston Hedgeshade is a gnomish wizard and Senior Enchanter at Waterdeep's House of Wonder.

Alston is of average height (for a gnome) and has deep auburn hair, though it's beginning to turn silver around his temples. He has kind eyes that look over his spectacles, which are constantly slipping down his nose. Alston's voice is serene and soothing, almost as if his words are laced with magic.

Alston has spent many decades of his (century and half) long life studying and perfecting the styles of magic that originated in the Feywild. The pursuit of long forgotten enchantments and illusions was rarely easy or safe and his occupation could better be described as treasure hunter than as scholar. Alston's expeditions often landed him a spot in whatever adventuring company was travelling closer to his destination. Over the years, Alston has seen parts of Toril that people rarely see and never think of.

Four decades ago, Alston hung up his adventuring boots, settled down in Waterdeep, and started a family. Alston enjoys the many privileges of being the Senior Enchanter at the House of Wonder, including access to restricted volumes and research papers. Recently, Alston came across a rotten old journal whose author's mad ramblings gave an account of the Scriptures of Deceit, the lost spellbook of Garl Glittergold. The journal (author unknown) was donated to the academy by the mysterious Mordidious Blackmantle. Intrigued by the possibility of one last crusade, Alston departed Waterdeep for Blackmantle's last known location, the Tilverton Scar.

Alston's whereabouts are currently unknown.

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