April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008 saw the capture of the remaining members of the Silver Company at the hands of the duergar of Khundrukar: Respen Tuin, Ivellios Thornblade, and Thulsa Doomhammer. The characters trapped on the ethereal plane met April 17, 2008. 1000 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Respen, Ivellios, and Thulsa were attacked by Nimira's band of duergar, and were taken prisoner. Their equipment was taken, and Thulsa was taken to the allip Arundil's bedroom, while the elves were instead taken to the jail in the sinkhole level, once belonging to Bumblebrand Bimpkin.

Thulsa met the mysterious sorceress Felicia Morgenstern, who he freed in exchange for information. Without his component pouch the wizard was of little use, but with the aid of several enchantment spells, Felicia recovered Thulsa's equipment. Respen and Ivellios managed to pick the lock on their cell and overpowered their gray dwarf jailer. Armed with a dwarven waraxe and heavy crossbow, the pair managed to defeat another two duergar and recover their equipment.

Thulsa and the elves reunited in the glimmerhame, where they witnessed a clandestine meeting between Nimira's lieutenants Ghared and Snurrevin. They attacked and killed both of them, and Thulsa and Felicia used polymorph spells to take their places. Giving an impassioned speech, Thulsa (as Snurrevin) sent the majority of Nimira's contingent to their deaths at the hands of whatever beast lie in the black lake below.

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