April 17, 2008

April 17, 2008 followed the Silver Company as they left the ethereal plane and opposed agents of the Zhentarim in the Evermoors. Paron Andris, Drago Lundgren, and Zichew Bejiad managed to defeat a Zhent outpost which has absorbed a band of Black Raven Uthgardt, while the other members remained on the material plane and had met April 16, 2008. 1000 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Drago, Paron, and Zichew escaped the ethereal plane after being attacked by an ethereal marauder. The found themselves outside Nesmé, a fort city on the Evermoors. They arrived in the thick of battle, as two bands of Uthgardt barbarians clashed. One band, astride great ravens, preyed upon the other, and the Silver Company rendered aid.

The Silver Company learned that Tessarin Alaurun, first speaker of Nesmé, had been taken captive by Black Raven Uthgardt. They approached a small Black Raven camp, and found they had been infiltrated by the Zhentarim, who had presumably hired the barbarians to destabilize the region.

The Silver Company and the agents of the Zhentarim did battle, and the Silver Company emerged victorious. As a reward, Tessarin, a powerful spellcaster, teleported the Silver Company back to the dungeon of Khundrukar.

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