April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008 was a canceled session that was miraculously uncanceled thanks to the dungeon master's uncanny ability to do his real job. The Silver Company's constant infighting reached a head and attempts at diplomacy failed after the gray dwarves of Khundrukar proved too numerous for a straight fight. 800 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

After a few days of recuperation, the Silver Company was ready to brave the lower halls once again. Returning to the throne room, our heroes found a pair of duergar guards, with whom they exchanged taunts. A tattooed duergar clad in heavy black armor stormed into the throne room and demanded an explanation for the noise. Nimira, as the gray dwarf soon introduced herself, was the leader of the group. Acting quickly, Thulsa Doomhammer introduced the group as the Platinum Bastards and told Nimira that he came bearing a dire prophecy.

Several hidden duergar then attacked the Platinum Bastards without command from Nimira. Paron and Drago gladly launched themselves headlong into the melee as Ivellios and Respen kept a safe distance. Thulsa cut through the crowd towards an enraged Nimira, who repeatedly shouted for the gray dwarves to stand down. Thulsa took this chance to ply a few remarks towards Nimira about her men’s apparent lack of discipline. The tumult died down as the dwarves eventually backed off. Nimira nearly throttled the leader of the attack, Ghared, a duergar the Silver Company previously met.

After spouting a few threats at her unruly crew, Nimira took Thulsa and his homunculus Zichew into her private chambers. Paron and his griffon mount followed. A brief conflict of values took place between the sinister trickery of Thulsa Doomhammer and the righteous justice of Paron Andris. Ultimately, Paron conceded and let Thulsa play his tricks on the gray dwarves, for their judgment would come soon enough. Thulsa then spun for Nimira a fateful account of his dreams, combining the dwarven ghost, the behir Grimlight, and her own destiny. This amateur cold reading proved useful, as Nimira inquired what role "The Glyph" and "The Sword" would play in the divination. A crafty Thulsa quickly wove these threads into the story and demanded to inspect "The Glyph".

Rakwor, one of Nimira’s loyal guards, had taken note of Drago’s unusual fighting style. Claiming to be a student of the Splintering Palm school, Rakwor challenged Drago to a sparring match. In these contests of honor, he said, death was not the goal but was not unheard of. Valiantly, Drago accepted and showed Rakwor the first technique of the Sun school, the Body of the Sun. Dazed but not frightened, Rakwor demonstrated the first technique of the Splintering Palm school, the Mountain Body stance. The fight commenced.

The contestants pummeled each other with their named techniques until ultimately Drago fell. A bloodied Rakwor stood gloating, but he must have sustained more damage then he thought. Rakwor too fell and began bleeding to death. Drago’s powerful Ki allowed him to stabilize until Respen and Ivellios could arrive.

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