April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008 was spent earning the trust of the duergar Nimira and exorcising the spirit of Arundil, formerly a cleric of Moradin. Half of the Silver Company became stuck in the ethereal plane. 400 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Paron Andris eased his stiff stance on cooperating with the duergar long enough for Thulsa Doomhammer to draw Nimira's interest back into her intertwined fate with the odd glyph. Her enthusiasm over possible power outshadowed any doubt of this diviner's skill or motive. Thulsa and the crew continued back to the forge, largely unsupervised.

Thulsa knew that he had better make something happen and began to read the inscriptions in the glyph, some twisted Infernal dialect. The glyph activated, spinning slowly on the floor, a beam of clear green light bursted upward, and the dungeon began to shake and crumble. The duergar in the room cowered or fled, but Drago entered the light.

He saw the forge, only, it was bustling… dwarves were working, shopping, or playing. As he waited, a priest approached a dwarf who could only be Durgeddin the Black. He could not understand the language, but knew it was pretty serious. Durgeddin left angrily and the priest looked grim and began to scribe the very glyph under Drago's feet. The glyph surged with power and the dwarves in view fell to their knees, melting, and dying. Drago's view was swept through the cavern, to the chambers of the priest, where he hung, dead, having committed suicide.

The ghost of Arundil broke forth, assaulting Drago, but Drago lept from the field of the glyph's effect. The ghost came whirling through the walls of the forge, attacking the Silver Company. Thulsa concentrated on the glyph, keeping it active. The heroes who could, fended off the attacks of the ghost. Zichew jumped into the light of the glyph and walked out of it, into the dream-world. He approached a group of feasting celebrating dwarves. As he spoke with them, he learned that he was in the halls of the Stonehammers, many years before Durgeddin was grown or thinking of leaving.

He found himself speaking to a young Arundil. Zichew spoke to him ominously of his future, of Durgeddin's actions, and of the priest's duty to Moradin. Zichew thought that if he couldn't change the course of history, he could at least set the ghost's spirit at ease. But, this was an ill-fated plan, as the ghost of Arundil endured 800 lonely years of torment and undeath, and Arundil himself wrought many evil deeds in his life before that.

The ghost left the material plane and attacked Zichew in this prison on the ethereal plane. Zichew would not stand alone, Paron and Drago leaped into the glyph to fight the ghost in his own realm. As they laid the final blow into the ghostly figure, the glyph spun for the last time and erased itself. The magic that was binding the ghost and his prison had failed with Arundil's exorcism.

Zichew, Paron, and Drago were left in the ethereal plane.

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