Arletha Icespear
Arletha Icespear
Race Human
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Lathander
Character Sheet

Lady Arletha Icespear is the only aristocrat in the village of Deadsnows. She is pail and regal, with meticulously-styled auburn hair and sapphire eyes. She dresses in fine eladrin silks with elaborate embroideries imported from Everlund. She is a gifted negotiator and a talented equestrian. Arletha holds the safety and security of Deadsnows paramount, but she's constantly plagued by the fear that she's making the wrong decisions. Even so, she speaks confidently when making declarations, and her friendly demeanor inspires trust in her leadership. She has an insatiable lust for chocolate and bemoans regularly about the resulting weight gain.

Lady Icespear relies on an informal council for advice in making decisions. The members of her council are the human Ashnar the Humble of the Morning Watchtower, dwarf Kerrilla Gemstar of the Hospice of Marthammor, and elf Feldys Oakshadow, a local druid. She frequently invites certain of Deadsnows' more prosperous merchants to participate as special advisers in council discussions when the topic concerns trade.


Lady Icespear is the nominal ruler of Deadsnows, and is the last of her line. Her brother inherited the family title from their mother ten years ago, but he met an untimely end five years later when he led the town's militia against a band of trolls that was terrorizing the outlying farmsteads. Since then Arletha has borne the family title and the accompanying responsibilities with grace and skill.

In 1374 DR, her chateau was overrun by the Zhentarim and Arletha was confined to her quarters until the Silver Company emancipated her. Ironically, she was so enamored with Sir Paron Andris, one of her rescuers, that she willingly returned to these same bedchambers to properly reward him. When a troll hero gathered a second horde of giant-kin to take Deadsnows for themselves, the Silver Company rebuffed their attack and she was doubly indebted to them.

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