Auldo Morin
Auldo Morin
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Waukeen
Character Sheet

Auldo Morin is the village clerk and purser in Eveningstar, an official accountant and representative of the Crown. He is a sniveling weasel of a man, but he lives in relative safety protected by a dragonborn bodyguard and the Purple Dragon barracks, which also serve as his primary residence. With the coming of the Spellplague and the reduced commitment of Purple Dragons in Eveningstar, Lord Cormaeril had no choice but to raise taxes, and after a close call Auldo is starting to believe that one menacing dragon-man isn't going to be enough.

The very next day, a mountain of a goliath and a feral, maladjusted half-orc wandered into town arguing the most painful kind of suplex and looking for something to punch.

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