Balthazar Algol
Balthazar Algol
Race Half-Elf
Heroic Class Warlock/Bard 5
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity TBD
Player Brian Oswald
Balthazar Algol

Balthazar Algol is a half-elf wayfarer from Calimshan.

Balthazar Algol has an been apprentice for Lokesh Arivuchelvan Jignesh for the past twenty years. Lokesh accidentally adopted the boy after a young Balthazar stowed away in the magical curiosity shop as it was making the jump to lightspeed. Rather than turn his shop around, Lokesh made Balthazar his apprentice. Balthazar had all of the qualifications for apprenticing at a cursed item distribution center; he was an orphan.

Balthazar helps Lokesh balance the karma of the world by selling cursed items to those who would deny their fates. While there are still many things that Balthazar does not understand about his trade, he does understand that their work is very important to the world.

His years of travel and working in the cursed item trade have made Balthazar worldly and experienced beyond his years. His magical abilities represent a smorgasbord of the teachings and philosophies from all over Toril.

Recently, Lokesh has sent Balthazar to Cormyr to recover a number of cursed items in the area.

Appearance and Personality

  • Balthazar is a sveldt, dark-skinned half-elf with a pleasant smile and soothing voice (with foreign sounding accent).
  • He typically wears a small blue turban and dresses in the loose, flowing garments of his native Calimshan.
  • Despite a outwardly jovial disposition, Balthazar can be cold and callous, especially when doling out the fates dictated by his job.
  • Balthazar usually carries a sitar strung across his back.

Missing Artifacts

General Abacab's Armor

General Abacab's Earcake Recipe

The Gorgon's Medallion

The Wig of Inescapable Beauty

Zeroun's Golem Manual

This finely bound tome is delicately inked and lightly perfumed. From cover to cover the book is laced with promises of reuniting the grieving owner with a lost loved one. However, the insidious nature of the manual is that it describes in cloying language, the vile process of creating a lesser flesh golem in simple, easy to follow steps. Flowery prose glorifies the steps and shields the user's conscience from the horrors of the task at hand. When the process is complete, the awakened golem invariably kills the creator in a fitful rage.

Zeroun's Golem Manual is currently owned by Justice Silverton, a young Comyrian girl grieving the loss of her twin sister Faith. However, according to Lokesh's accounts the manual belongs in the hands of Fenton Benchrot, a crooked undertaker who steals from the dead. He now wishes to restore his deceased wife. Can the Ebon League recover the manual in time to save Justice and bring a fitting end to Fenton?


  • Vicious Rod +1
  • Wand of Allure +1
  • Leather Armor of Dark Majesty +1
  • Lucky Charm +1
  • Casque of Tactics


  • Scroll of Protection (Undead) lvl 5
  • Potion of Water Walking
  • Potion of Friendship
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds
  • Nail of Sealing
  • Faerie Puppet x2
  • Wolfsbane

The Silver Company

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