Battle for the Moonwood

The Battle for the Moonwood is an ongoing guerrilla war being fought by the Silver Company and the People of the Black Blood.


Joining the Silver Company are the militia of Quaervarr under Geth Stonar, Malarite traditionalists under Kuldus Droum, shifter outcasts under Sarissa Duncastle, archers from Moonvines under Saernnus Quickleaf, Sky Pony Uthgardt barbarians under Freybjorn Radvaldr, and Eilistraeen moondancers under Eioli Tlabbar. The Harpers did not become involved, though the Silver Company did not reach out to that organization.

The People of the Black Blood have no known allies in the region, but Jarthon has been rumored to have personally reached out to King Obould Many-Arrows. In one of the Moonwood's strangest alliances to date, Jarthon and Wilhelm, the Kaiser Dragon, have struck a deal to dispose of the Silver Company. Forcas Forneus, acting presumably on behalf the Zhentarim, spoke to Jarthon but elected not to provide aid.


The Silver Company was victorious, though the victory was bittersweet. Peace has not yet been brokered, Kuldus Droum and Sarissa Duncastle will likely assume leadership of the People of the Black Blood in Claw Hollow. They would presumably lead an amalgamated pack containing the 42 werewolves and 18 shifters to survive the battle. Also surviving the battle were 12 uthgardt barbarians, 6 human militia, 6 drow moondancers, and 6 elf archers. The former Bloodmaster Jarthon Drael escaped alive, and his death or capture has become a top priority of the People as well as the Silver Company.

The Silver Company and Allies


  • 66 killed in action
    • 12 human militia
    • 18 shifters
    • 24 uthgardt barbarians
    • 12 werewolves
  • 12 missing in action
    • 06 human militia
    • 06 shifters


The People of the Black Blood

  • 252 troops of levels 4 - 9
    • 144 lycanthropes
      • 72 werewolf loyalists
      • 36 werewolf militia
      • 36 wererats
    • 66 shifter supremacists
    • 42 orcs


  • 168 killed in action
    • 72 werewolves
    • 12 wererats
    • 48 shifters
    • 36 orcs
  • 30 missing in action
    • 24 wererats
    • 06 orcs


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