Race Bugbear
Heroic Class Ranger 5
Alignment Evil or Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Hruggek
Player Brian Oswald

Belgar is a bugbear ranger who named himself a de facto member of the Crimson Talon after he murdered (some would say "euthanized") the seeker Baram and supped upon his heartsblood (and snacked upon his bees).


Baram is a bugbear seeker from the originally from the Man Eater Clan.

Baram is tall and lanky (by bugbear standards). The patches of long wiry hair developing around ears and elbows, deepening eye sockets, growing potbelly, and sagging jowls are indications that Baram is creeping upwards in age. His coat is darker and shaggier than most of his kind, which he probably developed in his youth, when Faerun was colder than it is now. In his youth, Baram was a capable hunter and was renowned for his ability to track prey uphill both ways.

Old age is an uncommon infirmity among bugbears. Baram owes his longevity to his uncanny aptitude to be absent when shit hits the fan (or when work is assigned). Laziness would work with the Man Eater Clan, but not with the Red Hand. Ugluk eventually took notice of Baram's conspicuous nonattendance. Suspicious of treachery, Ugluk promoted the bugbear into his personal guard in order to keep his enemies closer. Ugluk greatly overestimates Baram, thinking himself the target of a master strategist's usurpation plot.

Baram normally echoes the ideas of those around him, so-as to appear involved in whatever's going on and not draw attention to himself with original thoughts. Though in private, Baram will talk at length about how the name "Man Eater Clan" is a misnomer and will detail his tribe's proud history of eating humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, orcs, tieflings, oxen, unicorns, narwals, etc.

Baram wears an onion on his belt.


Baram looked desperately around the battlefield at his fallen allies and the enclosing goliath. Battle wasn't supposed to be like this, he thought. Where were the skirmishing tactics? Where were the well placed ambushes? Where were the bee-bombs? This was a full-fledged, head-on, rochambeau-fest and this was hell. The mighty Crimson Talons were being butchered before him. Like a coward, Baram darted toward his closest downed ally. He was intent on reviving his comrade and putting another body between himself and the tightening goliath noose. Success! Although the resuscitated hobgoblin could be mistaken for the walking dead, it was still another standing body between Baram and his persuers. Frantically, Baram rushed to the next dying goblin to fortify his meat shield. He kneeled down and tried to remember the herbology and medicine that the shamans had taught him years ago. Then, down came the greatsword and darkness followed.

The battle, though poised on a knife's edge, fell in favor of the Crimson Talon. Evgeni was practicing his dubious brand of goblin medicine on Baram's broken and bleeding body as the vanguard of the goblin horde broke through the goliath lines. Belgar, a frighteningly large and bloodthirsty bugbear was first to reach the Crimson Talon. With a snarl of satisfaction, Belgar batted Evgeni aside, and placed a foot firmly on Baram's head and reached down. With minimal effort, Belgar pried Baram's breatplate from his torso, leverage crushing the elder bugbear's head under Belgar's foot. Belgar roared triumphantly "Baram was weak! His old-man tactics and cowardice have no place on the battlefield. Creatures as he are destined for a coward's death! Belgar is Crimson Talon now!". The remaining members of the Crimson Talon, bloodied and wary of Belgar's bloodlust, were in no position to deny the bugbear's claim.

By all estimates, Belgar's life will be short and violent.

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