Race Goliath
Heroic Class Barbarian 5
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Grumbar
Player David Hickling

"The strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can't, and the incapacity the tell the difference."

Bolthor is a goliath barbarian from the Storm Horns. Standing at nearly eight feet tall, he is large and intimidating even by goliath standards. In combat, Bolthor uses his size to its fullest advantage, pushing smaller foes aside and keeping himself at a distance with his glaive. He is bald with a stony gray skin and cobalt markings and scars covering his body. His hide armor is made from the bear that he killed during his trial of manhood and he wields his father's glaive, an eight-foot pole and a wicked blade that seems to crave blood. He is a wall of a man, and if you did not know any better, dear reader, you may mistake him for a large stone cart.

Because this is his first time off of his mountain he is curious about the customs of others, especially local games. He will accept any challenge, eager both to learn the game and to compete. He is gracious in both victory and defeat, always willing to buy the first round, but he has no tolerance for cheating. He is stubborn and if he believes himself to be right will not hesitate to voice his opinions.

Bolthor pays homage to Grumbar. He is not particularly pious, but he admires the qualities of the Earthlord.


Bolthor's father Sarsoak was a goliath chieftain who united some of the smaller tribes to rise up against the dragon Thrym. Bolthor was too young to watch as his father was consumed by the dragon's icy breath, but his older brother Risar was the strongest to survive Thrym's onslaught. The shaman Dagoth became the chieftain of the tribe and is grooming Risar as his successor.

Because of his competitive nature, Bolthor always tried to keep up with Risar, and despite being younger and Risar's natural talents, Bolthor could usually keep up, or at least not slow his brother down. One day while Bolthor and Risar were on patrol they spotted a gnoll warband on the march toward their camp and rushed to warn the others. Unfortunately, a large chasm blocked the quickest route to the camp and, because it would have taken too long to go around, they decided to try and leap it. Risar made the jump, but Bolthor fell short and took a bad fall, breaking his leg. While Risar climbed down to help Bolthor, the gnoll band reached the camp before they could be warned, but even unaware the goliath managed fight off the gnolls without suffering many casualties.

After being carried back to Rimespire, Bothor was taken to the medicine men for tend his wounds. There Bothor met a young goliath Surina and while he was healing the two developed feelings for each other. Seeing the people who had been hurt by his inablilty to act weighed heavily on his soul and Bolthor was so disappointed with himself that, when he had healed fully, he decided to set off on his own.

He wanted to become stronger so that no one else would be hurt by his weakness again.

Not one for long goodbyes, Bolthor left in the dead of night. He was surprised to find Dagoth waiting for him. The wise chieftain had foreseen this event, and before allowing Bothor to leave, presented him with his father's glaive. Now he roams the countryside looking for any challengers against whom to test his strength and redeem his honor.

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