Brie Camembert

Brie Camembert is a a gnome carver from Waterdeep.

While traveling from Citadel Adbar to Sundabar, the behir Grimlight attacked her caravan, killing most and forcing the remainder to flee on foot. After wandering through the snow for a great while, Brie regrouped with two other survivors, Jack Colby and Sali Robiola, and intended to head south to the town of Deadsnows. Unfortunately for the group, they all lacked survival experience and were beset on the second night by a blizzard, and the wayward gnomes instead drove west toward Khundrukar.

Hoping to take refuge in the dwarven citadel, the group failed to sneak past the goblinoids in the first floor, and fled past the troglodytes on the second. The two tribes came to blows and allowed the gnomes to escape, but they fled in different directions and were separated. Brie and Sali were discovered by allies of Bumblebrand Bimpkin and were taken captive, the wererat lord claiming they would become his "queens of the night" during the next full moon.

Brie and Sali were rescued by the Silver Company on Kythorn 1, 1374 DR.

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