Carlon Ievru
Carlon Ievru
Race Rock Gnome
Class Bard 3/Cleric 4
Alignment True Neutral

Carlon Ievru (kar-LON EE-ev-ru), called Carlon the Smith or Carlon the Gnome by the folk of Silverymoon, is a Lantanese bard and tradesman who has reputedly fallen upon hard times.

Financial Difficulties

Although the church of Gond asks of its adherents that they show others how technology can improve their lives, no citizens in the Forgotten Realms have a higher quality of life than in the Gem of the North, and the prevalence of minor magical effects—in the eyes of its inhabitants, at least—supersedes the need for Lantanese machines. Thus, Carlon's inventions are oft-overlooked and under-valued, and he has begun selling his personal property to pay for crafting materials. Though reason would dictate Carlon leave for another city (they'll buy anything in the City of Splendors, after all), he remains in Silverymoon for religious reasons.

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