Character Classes

Your class is the primary definition of what your character can do in the extraordinary magical landscape of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS world. A class is more than a profession; it is your character's calling. Your class choice shapes every action you take as you adventure across a spell-tangled, monster-ridden, battle-torn fantasy world. Will you be a gutsy, youthful sword fighter? A pact-sworn warlock with questionable ties? A gods-worshiping cleric who knows too much? A flamboyant rogue with a dagger up your sleeve? A tattooed wizard with a crystal staff? The choice is yours.

Toril is riddled with threats of voracious appetite, ancient animosity, and malevolent purpose. Confronting such adversaries requires potent powers and abilities capable of penetrating scale and shield while offering protection from fang and curse. Arrayed against those threats are the classes found in the Player's Handbook. The FORGOTTEN REALMS Player's Guide expands upon the Player's Handbook classes and paragon paths with additional selections designed with the geographical, historical, political, and cosmological nature of Toril in mind.

Class Role Power Source Sourcebook
Artificer Leader Arcane Eberron Player's Guide
Bard Leader Arcane Player's Handbook 2
Sorcerer Striker Arcane Player's Handbook 2
Swordmage Defender Arcane Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
Warlock Striker Arcane Player's Handbook
Wizard Controller Arcane Player's Handbook
Avenger Striker Divine Player's Handbook 2
Cleric Leader Divine Player's Handbook
Invoker Controller Divine Player's Handbook 2
Paladin Defender Divine Player's Handbook
Runepriest Leader Divine Player's Handbook 3
Fighter Defender Martial Player's Handbook
Ranger Striker Martial Player's Handbook
Rogue Striker Martial Player's Handbook
Warlord Leader Martial Player's Handbook
Barbarian Striker Primal Player's Handbook 2
Druid Controller Primal Player's Handbook 2
Seeker Controller Primal Player's Handbook 3
Shaman Leader Primal Player's Handbook 2
Warden Defender Primal Player's Handbook 2
Ardent Leader Psionic Player's Handbook 3
Battlemind Defender Psionic Player's Handbook 3
Monk Striker Psionic Player's Handbook 3
Psion Controller Psionic Player's Handbook 3
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