Cid Dolomite
Cid Dolomite
Race Dwarf
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Gond
Character Sheet

Cidolfus Alva Dolomite is a Lantanese artificer known for creating the technical process by which magic can be extracted from the Elemental Chaos. Cid is stout and muscular with a bushy blue-gray beard and a pair of welding goggles, and his traditional Lantanese lab coat looks more like a cross between a giant condom and a raincoat. Escaping Lantan as the tsunamis consumed it, Cid traveled to Cormyr to meet with his old friend Tessaril Winter, who offered him lodging and magic assistance. Since the technology of Lantan had been wiped away and magical transportation unreliable, Cid has been working feverishly to prove the usefulness of his elemental binding process by creating a flying ship to fill the void left by the Spellplague. Cid works long hours in the laboratory, much to the chagrin of his family, but he's generally a kindhearted man. Cid wields a giant syringe-like apparatus like a spear, which he uses to extract and store elemental energy from summoned creatures, and he has a mechanical laboratory assistant named Prometheus.

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