Cordelia Cormaeril
Cordelia Cormaeril
Race Human
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Sharess
Character Sheet

Cordelia Cormaeril is the daughter of Reardon Cormaeril, the Lord of Eveningstar. Unlike her sister Deirdre, whose upcoming wedding is the event of the season, her sister Leslie, who is as popular with Evenor boys as the day is long, or her brothers Brendan, Donovan, and Liam, spoiled brats whose exploits are the source of gossip for the entire village, Cordelia is relatively inconsequential. She is a fragile-looking and bookish brunette with short hair and dark eyes. She has her father's intelligence and her mother's looks, but her shy, introverted personality isn't inherited from either of them. Cordelia loves tressyms: she had three of them until her father's purebred mastiffs grew tired of being tormented. With the super-cute kitten she was given by her sister's ex-boyfriend Lucian Sewell and the elegant, magical solo skirmisher she was given by the Ebon League, she is only now back up to three of the winged terrors.

Cordelia isn't known for having many boyfriends; she briefly dated a Suzailan boy while they were in the legislative youth program together, but so far no Evenor boys have caught her eye, though that hasn't stopped a handful from trying. Among her family, Cordelia is often considered to be the least corrupt Cormaeril in Eveningstar, or possibly in all of Cormyr.

Overcome with grief following the death of every male relative, Cordelia found that alcohol is an awesome way to forget your problems, and she soon shacked up with Morthos the Deceiver (whose title makes her first time far less meaningful). Despite the blood on the wind (and sheets) giving Morthos a +1 bonus, Cordelia's inexperience (and Morthos' whiskey dick, though he'll never admit that) made the entire session last eight boring hours. Cordelia is still in love, though, he's far too mysterious for her not to be completely enamored <3

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