Race Goliath
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Grumbar
Character Sheet

Dagoth was a wizened old shaman and chieftain of the Rimespire goliath tribe of the Storm Horns. He was the only survivor of his first tribe when it was attacked by the white dragon Thrym. He was rescued by the barbarian chieftain Sarsoak, and together they mustered together several goliath tribes to confront the dragon. Many were killed, and it was Sarsoak's son Risar who landed the killing blow against him. The elders of the tribes gathered after the battle and, knowing that the individual tribes were too weakened to survive on their own, decided to unite to form a single tribe. While Risar was the strongest of the surviving goliath, he lacked the wisdom to lead the tribe and Dagoth was named the chief of chiefs of the unified clan he named "Rimespire," and he took the dragon's lair as his own and constructed a throne within Thrym's mighty skull.

As Dagoth began to teeter dangerously close to senility, he used his shaman powers to weaken the link between his dragon's lair and the the Feywild. He soon slipped back into his mystic role and hid himself away from the tribe, who looked to Risar for guidance, while he was content to commune with natural spirits and eventually spirits of dead champions, believing spiritual harmony would grant him victory over death.

When the Crimson Talon invaded Rimespire, Dagoth completed a ritual to rid him of his connection to the material plane. Separating himself from his companion spirit, a spectral deer, he disposed of his mortal body in combat with the Crimson Talon and continued to harangue them once freed of his body. The goblins were again victorious, but the mortality of Dagoth's spirit form is uncertain, and only time will tell if he had beaten death.

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