Darius Marduk
Race Human
Heroic Class Wizard 11
Paragon Path Arcane Wayfarer
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Thoth
Player Anthony Mastrean
Darius Marduk

Descended from the god-kings of Unther, the Marduk family was forced into hiding when Mulhorand occupied Unther centuries ago. Darius Marduk was born under dark omens and the witches foretold a great destiny. For his safety, he was apprenticed to Ramas-Teth Ankh, a Mulhorandi court wizard. He grew in skill until he fled north to the Silver Marches.

Darius adventured through the Silver Marches until he was killed by the Zhentarim Skymage, Forcas Forneus, during their battle in Deadsnows. Darkness took him and he strayed out of thought and time… The stars wheeled overhead and every day was as long as a life age of Toril. He found himself in the City of the Dead, where a green skinned Mulan warrior, arrayed as a king, led him back to earth.

He has forsaken his Mulhorandi name, Thulsa Doomhammer, and travels now in search of power to return the glory of Unther.

The Silver Company

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