Region Silver Marches
Power Center Conventional
Alignment Good
Authority Figure Lady Arletha Icespear
Population 830
Primary Source Silver Marches

Deadsnows is a small village in the northern foothills of the Nether Mountains. The population and crime rate were growingly rapidly due to a recent gold strike, but both seem to have peaked due to outside influences and are in decline.

Life and Society

For the better part of its existence, the village of Deadsnows has been a small, unremarkable community like many others that dot the North. Its inhabitants braved the rigors of frontier life, including orc hordes, wild beasts, and harsh winters. These dangers have made the folk of Deadsnows both vigilant and determined. They have managed to prevail over the threats to their locale thus far, and to gain some measure of relative stability for their community. That is, until now.

This state of affairs shifted abruptly when, just a few months ago, an unsuspecting hunter discovered gold in the waters of a nearby stream. The settlement’s remote location proved no hindrance to the spread of news and rumor related to the gold strike, which ignited the interest of prospectors and adventurers. Deadsnows is now the destination of choice for explorers seeking their fortunes in the dangerous highlands above the town. Hard on their heels have come those not interested in hunting for gold, but intent on exploiting the situation. Some hope to earn coin by providing goods and services to the prospectors and others with less savory activities such as confidence scams and outright thievery.


When the prospector population exploded beyond the capacity of the town’s inns, taverns, and barns to accommodate them, the arriving gold-seekers received permission from Lady Icespear to set up a temporary camp outside the town wall. That was a little more than a month ago. Now the population of Snowtown is larger than that of Deadsnows proper.

The place is a maze of small, one-and-two-person ramshackle dwellings thrown together without care for appearances. By day Snowtown is mostly empty, as the majority of its inhabitants are away in the nearby hills searching for gold. By night the place becomes a center of rowdy activity, fueled by ale and hopeful spirits. All manner of dangers and vices that were hardly known in Deadsnows prior to this tumultuous time have appeared in Snowtown: gambling, drugs, and prostitution are chief among these. A night in Snowtown is far more dangerous to the unwary than the same night spent within the walls of Deadsnows. Drunken prospectors, greedy claim jumpers, deft pickpockets, and other unsavory types all make it necessary to stay on constant alert for trouble.

Important Sites

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The Zhentarim

Due to the influx of prospectors to the region, it was a relatively simple endeavor for the Zhentarim to plant operatives in Deadsnows. First was the half-orc rogue Vandar, bringing gambling, prostitution, and other vices to the people of Snowtown. To fund her planned expansion, she eventually graduated to kidnapping, extortion, and slavery as a means of income. Following Vandar's death, a blue dragon-riding Forcas Forneus attempted to enchant Lady Icespear and seize control of Deadsnows for himself, but he was defeated by the Silver Company.


Deadsnows is not famous for its monsters, but in light of recent events, perhaps it should be. The region had always been home to small tribes of warring trolls, though it seems the giants' numbers are on the rise and another troll war is inevitable. The wyvern on Mount Grimfang had long been a thorn in the farmers' sides, but the Silver Company has thankfully removed it. Most notably, Ugreth, one of the sons of King Obould Many-Arrows had camped (whether by his own election or his father's command) not far from the town to perform some manner of reconnaissance, but his orcs have since been driven off or killed, and Ugreth was taken into captivity.

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