December 12, 2007

December 12, 2007 was the twelfth night of the Blood and Gold campaign. The heroes steeled their will and weapons against the remaining undead and the true master of the Icespear house. 2000 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The Silver Company walked into a ghoul ambush in Lady Icespear's library where Qawm and his wolf companion were slain before Thulsa Doomhammer fled in fear and the rest of the heroes could flay the cold, clammy flesh from their attacker's undead bones. The Silver Company retreated to the defenses of the Morning Watchtower to regroup and restore their resources. Thulsa made for the Hospice of Marthammor Duin; speaking in the gold dwarf dialect of dwarven, he regaled the dwarves with tales of his travels, earning the friendship of the Observer Kerrilla Gemstar.

The Silver Company returned promptly to the manor, where Lady Icespear was discovered sitting calmly in her bedroom, openly sympathetic to the Zhentarim and oblivious to the situation in her house. Zichew Bejiad, holding to hope of her redemption, implored her to reconsider and return to the way of good and of honesty. It was then that the mastermind behind the cruel charade spoke through the Lady's body; Forcas Forneus explained his masters' goals in the Silver Marches and then departed for the Icespear House. Thulsa would hear no more and forcefully dispelled the enchantment, freeing Lady Icespear from her arcane puppeteer.

Rhiva Stormevik and her two remaining guards were destroyed by a lightning bolt and Steve switched sides once again, much to the chagrin of the Silver Company. Clearly forgetting the lessons they had learned in the library, the heroes traveled into the great room to do battle with Forcas Forneus. After an eternity of exchanging puns and thinly-veiled insults, the Skymage struck out at Paron Andris and Thulsa, hoping to cripple the Silver Company's ability to damage him. Steve betrayed the wizard and joined the Silver Company in their fight, but his loyalty remains a matter of some debate. Steve was felled by Respen Tuin and whether by intent or by accident remains a mystery to most. The battle was long and difficult and Thulsa was killed in an ambush by the Zhentarim enchanter's blue dragon companion, before the Silver Company's tenacity proved too much for the wizard. Not willing to make his last stand, he fled atop his winged mount back to the Moonsea.

Quote of the Session

"We can blame the broken stained-glass window on the dragon now." ~ Zichew

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