December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007 was the thirteenth night of the Blood and Gold campaign and the final session of the year 2007 AD. The heroes defeated the Bane-converted paladin Girard Velius in the basement of the Icespear house, and then got roughed up by the troll outcast Agarik. 1200 Experience Points were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

Per their last will and testaments, the Silver Company paid the dwarves of the Hospice of Marthammor to resurrect Thulsa Doomhammer and then performed a funeral service for Qawm. When the heroes reached the Morning Watchtower, they found it badly damaged but recruited an injured monk Drago Lundgren to their cause.

The Silver Company decided to move against the ghouls in the basement of the Icespear house, finding the paladin Girard Velius had fallen into shadow and did battle with them. Girard spoke only in Darth Maul quotes, but his two-bladed sword proved no match for Paron Andris' warhammer.

On the morning of the Greengrass holiday, the company elected to assault the mountain hold of Agarik, the troll berserker, and managed to dispatch several of his ogre bodyguards before he personally beat them back. Though before the attack he was considered a neutral party by most, it is unknown how swift or violent the troll's wrath will be.

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