Dunman Kiriag
Dunman Kiriag
Race Human
Alignment Good
Patron Deity Corellon
Character Sheet

Dunman Kiriag is the proprietor of The Lonesome Tankard in Eveningstar. A jovial, kind man who's deadly with a hurled dagger but seemingly a friend to everyone in Cormyr and the Dales, Dunman doesn't really speak of his past. He's quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke, but there's somewhere that he'd rather be. He has betrayed great strength from time to time: regulars love to tell the tale of how he somehow sensed a brigand was outside with a crossbow. He raised a table to use as a shield just instants before a bolt burst in through a window, then hurled the table clear across the taproom and out that window to fell the foe outside in the night!

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