Durgeddin the Black
Durgeddin Stonehammer
Race Shield Dwarf
Class Expert 3
Fighter 6
Ranger 2
Alignment Lawful Good

Durgeddin Stonehammer, also known as Durgeddin the Black was a shield dwarf fighter and smith and patriarch of the Stonehammer clan after the destruction of its ancestral home in 566 DR and its subsequent decline. Although many survivors of Clan Stonehammer fled for Citadel Adbar, Durgeddin led a small group of followers to the northern peaks of the Rauvin Mountains, establishing themselves in a series of caves they called the glitterhame, which would later become the realm of Khundrukar.

Despite Durgeddin's fervor and his followers' loyalty, Khundrukar fell to an orc horde under his leadership. In his day, Durgeddin was widely believed to have been stockpiling magic weapons, and thus his home today remains a popular destination for adventurers (almost all of whom are never seen again).

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