Chappy Fats
  • Reardon Cormaeril contacts the Ebon League; several of his children have gone missing, and he fears that remaining members of the Starcloaks may be behind it. He had instructed his children not to leave the mansion, but only the newly-married Deirdre and the ever-obedient Cordelia have listened. The rest (unbeknown to Reardon) have gone to a rave outside of town.
    • Several of Eveningstar's teenagers are aware of a rave which went on at the Meisner family farm the previous evening. With sufficient use of Streetwise, many of them will be able to point the Ebon League in the direction of the organizer, Lucian Sewell.
      • Lucian Sewell is absent from his father's estate, instead sobering up with designer coffee (a grande nonfat mocha cappuccino with chocolate whipped cream and a caramel drizzle) and an almond biscotti at the Eveningstar Bakery.
    • Lucian assures them that the missing Cormaerils were all in attendance, but all of them left before Lucian except for Leslie. Here's what he recalls:
      • Brendan showed up with the other three and spent most of the night drinking and flirting. Though he and some girl seemed to be getting pretty familiar, he ended up leaving with both of his brothers (their sister refused to leave).
      • Donovan and some art history major from Suzail talked about music the entire evening. The girl (Klara) is staying at the Golden Unicorn Inn, but Lucian doesn't know that. Donovan left before she did, and she spent the rest of the night sipping red wine and brooding.
      • Liam left with a girl Lucian didn't recognize, but then saw him again later that night. He looked distraught, but Lucian doesn't know why because he was tripping balls on phase spider venom at the time.
      • Leslie and her friends spent most of the night grinding on some "bad boy" types. They all left together when the party ended earlier this morning, and Lucian doesn't know where they went.


Leslie is in the most immediate danger, since she and her friends are being kidnapped, with the intent to ransom them back to Reardon and his noble constituents. If the Ebon League reaches the Meisner farm with the intent to investigate, they find a few passed out teenagers and pretty blatant trail of empty bottles and stumbling footprints of drunken girls in expensive shoes.

  • The bandits have a small camp northeast of Eveningstar. When the Ebon League approaches, they hear Leslie loudly protesting her treatment, and arrive to find one of the bandits demanding that she "shut her mouth" before he "gives her something to do with it."
    • This is a pretty straightforward combat encounter with the bandit captain and his lackeys, though if the players so choose they could negotiate the girls' release, or do something creative here. Because the bandits are so shitty, a surprise round shouldn't be hard to accomplish here.
  • Leslie offers very little in the way of gratitude, but her three friends (Regina, Gretchen, and Karen) will forever be obsessed fans of the Ebon League, in a creepy teen idol kind of way. If the heroes ham it up too hard (or just hard enough) the girls will even start a fan club and turn groupie.


  • Upon returning to Eveningstar (probably with Leslie in tow), the heroes will find several porters and craftsmen drudging Brendan's wagon (horses and all) from the Starwater. If they wait and observe or choose to help (Strength checks to tug on the mighty chains), they find the body of Mina van Aken among the wreckage.
    • Liam and Mina left the party together, but Liam was drunk and drove his brother's wagon into the river. He (apparently) escaped, but Mina was injured and was unable to escape, and so she drowned by the bridge. Playing the role of concerned father, Reardon forms a search party to look for his sons.
    • The Ebon League may choose to consult their oracle, but if they do not, an animal messenger arrives to suggest that course of action to them. Lagduf tells them that she has felt echoes in the spirit world, and that tonight, at midnight upon the bridge over the Starwater, that the fate of the youngest Cormaeril child would be in the Ebon League's hands. She offers them a mundane blessing, which provides a single +2 bonus (for the entire group) to the first roll made when invoking or acknowledging it.
      • The drowned ghost of Mina van Aken appears on the bridge and seems to attack Liam Cormaeril, wailing and dripping and otherwise being a spooky ghost. Whether the Ebon League chooses to camp out by the bridge or to arrive promptly at midnight will change the specifics of events, but they will largely remain constant.
        • Attempts to mediate between the parties will still require combat to occur: if the Ebon League takes up the cause of the vengeful ghost, they must successfully "calm" the Cormaerils by beating them in a fight; and if they take up the cause of the Cormaerils, seeking to protect them from a vengeful Mina van Aken, they will have to defeat her in combat. The outcome of the battle is largely based on the side the heroes took:
          • If the Ebon League attacks the Cormaerils with Mina van Aken, then all three of them kowtow themselves before Mina's ghost and beg for forgiveness. She will ask permission of the Ebon League to take Liam's life to placate her soul, which they may choose to grant or deny. Based on the terms they reach, she may haunt the bridge forever.
          • If the Ebon League attacks Mina van Aken and defends the Cormaerils, she comes to realize that vengeance will not bring her peace. She spends the remainder of her unlife (which is forever, remember) trying to find peace. She can only truly be placated by the blood of Liam Cormaeril, which the Ebon League had denied her. They can remedy this at a later time, preserving their friendship with their new ghost pal.
          • In either of the above cases, with successful use of the Diplomacy or Religion skills, she may come to realize that she does not require Liam's life to find peace, just a sacrifice of blood and youth. If the heroes negotiate this peace, Liam will become a gross, Ted Kennedy-style troll, which was the theme here all along anyway.
    • Lauritz van Aken must be confronted regarding his daughter's death. He will be devastated no matter the case, but he will be pleased to learn that his daughter found peace. Because her ghost will remain (at least for now) he too will give up his mercantile life and retire to Eveningstar.
    • If something happens to Liam (or Leslie, if the heroes drop the ball, or Brendan and Donovan, if they really fuck up), the Ebon League will have to address Reardon Cormaeril. No matter how righteous their cause, he will struggle to deal with their "failure" to protect his family if Liam dies, but if he lives (even if he is cursed), Reardon will be consolable with a little Bluff, Diplomacy, or Insight.
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