Drawing the Lines

Following their defeat of the bulette, the Ebon League is left to deal with its remains. Answer their question as you see fit, but here is some key information:

  • Arcana (DC 15): This bulette has been exposed to large amounts of blue fire from the Spellplague, but is itself not plaguechanged.
  • Dungeoneering (DC 5): The "tunnels" created by the bulette are composed of loose earth, unsuitable for any type of travel. (DC 10): The erratic tunneling patterns contribute to their instability. (DC 15): Unusual seismic probably plays a role in the confusion of this animal.
  • History (DC 15): Dwarves of the Storm Horns who once maintained an underground road to the Stonelands once kept bulettes as work animals.
  • Nature (DC 5): The bulette is a natural beast common from the Moonsea region to the Stonelands. (DC 10): Though the hide of a bulette is far too stiff to be put to use in armor or clothing, its meat is tender. (DC 15): The chemical that bulettes use to digest rocks is a powerful dissolving agent and also produces an anxious hallucinogenic high. (Streetwise DC 15: This is worth 340 gp).
  • Religion (DC 15): In some dwarven heresies, the bulette is revered as an agent of Moradin. These cults use the bulette's pancreas in a variety of rituals to produce visions and receive guidance from the All-Father.

The Blessed Brotherhood has left Eveningstar on a mission for the church. Belon's messenger boy summons the Ebon League, when they witness the arrival of Reardon Cormaeril's 300 Blackwater mercenaries. Belon presents the Ebon League with a writ from the Archdiocese of Amaunator in Suzail with a writ for the release of Shevaril Starcloak to the House of the Morning, signed by King Azoun V himself. The prisoner transfer is met with some resistance by Reardon's men, but the Purple Dragons and the Ebon League can defuse the situation.

Those who would oppose Reardon Cormaeril are invited to a secret meeting at the House of the Morning. In attendance are Belon, Shevaril, Lauritz van Aken, and five of Shevaril's remaining believers: Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, and Deja Vu. The final arrival is Rodrigo Vanzetti, who is secretly a Crown agent who has been investigating Reardon's connection to the Fire Knives of Westgate. The Ebon League are asked to weigh in and together they host a planning session. Afterward, Shevaril asks the Ebon League to retrieve her personal chest from Tessaril's Tower, since she is forbidden from leaving the House of the Morning, an order she'd like to follow for the time being.

Not long after entering Tessaril's Tower, the Ebon League stumbles upon Cidolfus Dolomite, the Lantanese artificer. He is currently constructing a flying ship using his patented elemental-binding techniques, but some of his "subjects" have broken free from their summoning circles. Heroes are welcome to ask Cid whatever they please and he will answer honestly. Here are some suggested answers:

  • Who are you? "I am Cidolfus Alva Dolomite, the famed Lantanese engineer. I am well-known among magical and technical circles for the methodologies I invented which draw energy from the magical creatures of the Elemental Chaos and traps them as fuel sources for machines! I call it… TeknoMag!"
  • Who is this guy? "This is my robotic laboratory assistant, Prometheus. He is an ordinary Gondsman in many ways, except that I have infused him with magical energy from the Elemental Chaos so that he may cast spells."
  • What are you doing here? "That's an interesting question; when Lantan was destroyed, I fled here to speak with Tessaril Winter, who was previously a patron of mine. She let me use this laboratory to finish my greatest invention yet: a flying ship which requires the use of no spells as Selûne and Shar had dictated them, and therefore exist without the fear that the Spellplague could send you falling from the sky!"
  • What happened to Lantan? "When the world began to change, the oceans rose a great height as well. It was a warm sunny morning when massive tsunamis battered Lantan and sent most of its people and technology to the bottom of the Trackless Sea. Those few of us who escaped separated when we reached Amn, and I haven't seen another artificer or techsmith since."
  • Will this ship really work? "Absolutely. I only have a few kinks to work out and she'll be skyworthy in no time! Let me tell you about one of those kinks, though…"

After their questions cease, Cid will explain his predicament:

"Since Tessaril left and Shevaril stopped visiting, I have worked tirelessly to complete my greatest invention, but my summoning circles are weakening without wizardly assistance. Several of my research "subjects" have escaped, and are currently running amok in my laboratory. I have created several devices which can drain their energy manually, but when I get close enough they usually attack me, instead. My magical protection grease of undeniable use against elementals (and other stuff, too!) has protected me so far, but my supply is dwindling. Simply put, I am wondering if slayers such as yourselves would assist me in battling these elementals so that I may bind them into my machines. I would reward you, of course."

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