Arriving in Eveningstar
  1. Arrive in Eveningstar with a merchant caravan from Arabel.
    • Lauritz van Aken pays the heroes 5 gp each; "enough for a room at the Tankard, a hot meal, a bath, and a change of clothes."
    • Mina van Aken shows interest in anyone who demonstrates bravado (default to the Fighters).
  2. Check in at the Lonesome Tankard
    • Introduce Dunman Kiriag and Fatback Stonegut to the players.
      • Dunman should be found talking to himself, but otherwise be warm and inviting.
      • The only waitress working is Kylie Proskar, a ditsy girl with curly blond hair.
    • Describe the furnishings of both the tavern floor and the characters' rooms.
    • Louis Beaumont and Marcel Favreau are playing Purple Dragon Dice. "Sorry lads, table's full."
    • Get some direction: Lord Reardon Cormaeril's estate lies beyond the westernmost building in town.
    • Overhear some gossip:
      • "Did you 'ear th' Spellplague got Tilverton?" "Tilverton?! Tilverton's been dead for ten years from when the Netherese came back!" "I know but now it's worse! A traveler told me there's an inky black pit wif' wispy blue veins what's made from the souls of the dead!" "Souls of the dead? How's 'e know that?" "I didn't ask 'im. Hey! That's mine!"
      • "A whole falcon for a dozen chicken wings?! These prices are becoming outrageous!" "They wouldn't be so outrageous, if we weren't so heavily taxed." "Careful, friend, you know how well the Lord tolerates sedition." "Did you hear about Joséphine Dupuis?" "Aye, a sorry story, that is. The woman's husband dies in combat and leaves her nothing." "Leaves her nothing? The Purple Dragons pay out three year's salary to the next of kin upon their death! The only way he could have left her nothing was if the Lord or the purser kept it for himself!" "Quiet! Quiet!" "…and worse yet, she decided to speak out against the Lord, and he threw her in Eveningstar Hall, and tossed her children onto the streets." "At least the House of the Morning still takes in orphaned kids."
  3. The heroes travel to Lord Cormaeril's estate, but are denied entry by one of his maids, Mylene Bruneaux. She tells them that he's attending his daughter's wedding, and with a bit of convincing will let on that they could try to approach him at the reception. However, security is going to be tight, so they need to obtain six invitations.
  4. See also: SKill Challenges, Always a Bridesmaid…
  5. The player characters attend the Cormaeril-Dragonguard wedding reception.
    • The nobility sits upon an elevated platform served by a waitstaff and eat fine food and wine. The newlyweds sit in the middle of two great tables linking the Cormaerils (of Suzail) and the Dragonguards (of Arabel). The commoners sit among a haphazard array of tables and benches, and a portion of the Market Square has been allocated for folk dancing. There are musicians, jugglers, dancers, and a flower girl selling roses ("they're only a copper"). Purple Dragons and private security are everywhere, and they've erected an impromptu "fence" of massive spears spaced eight feet apart and long cotton banners between them. Everyone seems to be having a good time.
    • Order the players by their intentions; encourage them to mingle, and those who want to approach Lord Cormaeril act last.
    • The players have difficulty reaching Lord Cormaeril and may be forcibly removed if they are too persistent.
  6. Lucian Sewell will approach the player characters.
    • "My offer is simple; bring me the prettiest tressym you can find, and I'll get you an audience with Lord Cormaeril."
    • Why? "You see that girl over there?" (the bride) "That's Deirdre Cormaeril… excuse me, Dragonguard. She and I used to be close, and it annoyed her father to no end… and now she's a beautiful virgin bride—for the record, I've deflowered that girl on at least four occasions."
      • How? "You see that ghoul over there? That's Wolfgang Gerhard. They say Clerics of [[[Ilmater]] have a hard-on for pain, both giving it, and receiving it, so they're excellent healers.
    • "You see that blond over there, the one surrounded by merchants' sons? That's Reardon's youngest, Leslie. She'd be perfect for my plan, but where's the fun in boldly going where every man has gone before?"
    • "Now look over there. That's Cordelia Cormaeril, Reardon's other daughter. She's the shy one, the good girl, the one least likely to sleep with a guy like me… and that's why I need your help. I'm not even aware of her ever having a boyfriend, apart from some kid she met in the legislative youth program in Suzail, and she only has one hobby anyone knows about: tressym. She loves the little winged terrors… and that's why I need you to find me the prettiest one. They're common in Starwater Gorge. I'd go myself, but I'm needed here to keep up appearances.
      • What can you pay? "Isn't the experience of adventure its own reward? Alright, I'll give you 80 lions and 200 falcons, that's 100 gold pieces in total. That will certainly keep you in Bitter Black for a while."
      • Why Cordelia, not Deirdre? "Now that she's married, she's off limits. I wouldn't want to disgrace our families." This is a bad lie. "Okay, okay. Did you even see that ogre she's marrying? I may be a sexual deviant, but I don't have a death wish!"
  7. The heroes travel north to the Starwater Gorge. On the way, the come across Lauritz van Aken's wagon.
    • The wagon is beset by 4 Goblin Warriors (MM 137) and 8 Goblin Cutters (MM 136).
    • Mina van Aken is hiding nearby, and will come out of hiding toward the end of the battle (she can assist, if the battle goes poorly for some reason). She begs the player characters to help her father, who was kidnapped by goblins, and demands to come with them.
      • "My father was taken by those… things. They killed most of his bodyguards, but dragged off a few of them. I can't figure out why they'd need human prisoners, but we need to rescue them."
        • Reward? "My father is wealthy, but most of his coins are tied up in trade goods! The brooch he wears is worth 680 gold pieces—I'm sure he would give it to you if you saved him!"
        • Tressym. "A tressym for a girl? I'm a girl! We're a fickle sex, I can help you choose the right one! I used to have a tressym when I was a little girl. I also have this cage you can use to trap them! Just help me find my father and I'll help you in return!"
        • Stay Here! "I cannot sit idly by while those things hurt the only family I have left. I can be useful to you!"
  8. This should be sufficient to end the first session. If not, run this encounter:
    • 1 Dire Wolf (MM 264) and 2 Goblin Sharpshooters (MM 137)
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