Eveningstar Farmer's Market

The Eveningstar Farmer's Market is the primary social event for the folk of Eveningstar, Cormyr. The members of the Ebon League may be excited to take part in the event, and should meet some new friends!

NPC Ideas

  • Hope, a tiefling girl handing out tracts, being picked on by bigoted rednecks (NPC from The House of the Morning)
  • Amelie, Bertrand, and Claudette Dupuis are looking for their puppy, Abelard (quest)
    • Bertrand carries a human femur that Abelard retrieved from the tomb at Pillar Rock, near Old Meg's Hut
    • Sister Maria Sungold is looking for the Dupuis children in the crowd, as well
  • A gang of thugs (including a half-orc named Vegar Laursen) is are stealing produce (foreshadows a quest)
  • Eberk Hardcastle, a dwarf veteran sharing war stories (diversion)
  • Rolen Oakshadow, the tressym dealer, revisited (some hilarious fun)
  • Louis Beaumont and Marcel Favreau, compulsive gamblers, are playing card games
  • Farmers selling produce and finished goods
    • Names: Jethro Bodine, Terrence James "T.J." McIntyre, "John Boy" Walton, Dale Earnhardt III
    • Produce: carrots, parsnips, potatoes, apples, pears, tomatoes, corn, wheat, peas, and beans
    • Livestock: chickens, pigs, sheep, and cattle
    • Foodstuffs: red snapper, cod, herring, beef, milk, cheese, butter, vinegar, beer, wine, cider, mead, cakes, pies, breads
    • Finished Goods: wooden furniture, handicrafts, plain clothing, blankets, linens, and furs

Derivative Sites

  • The cornfields by the House of the Morning actually grow all manner of vegetables, but corn is the most prevalent and obvious. Large swaths of corn have been bent or broken, creating seemingly-random paths through the corn maze. Priests can occasionally be seen trying to divine their meaning, peering down at the patterns from atop the cathedral's bell tower. Investigation shows that the earth has been disturbed, but no meaningful conclusions can be drawn… though certainly the player characters are given to wild speculation!
  • Old Meg was a sorceress of some ability who lived in Eveningstar a long time ago. The Evenor feared her eccentricities and she lived a relatively secluded life in her hut between the temple fields and Pillar Rock. Shortly after she died, her hut was damaged by fire and it was never rebuilt or demolished. Children often play in the woods nearby, but they fear to approach Old Meg's hut, claiming it is haunted. The foul denizens who lurk in Old Meg's hut are far worse than any mere ghosts: Evenor teenagers, weary of life on the farm and bored with their tiny village, often come to Old Meg's hut to drink and get high.
    • The five teenagers hanging out in the basement of Old Meg's hut are: Eduard, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett.
  • Pillar Rock is a natural plateau that rises above the treeline in northwestern Eveningstar. It provides a romantic view of the village, the "Stonewall" (the cliff separating Eveningstar from the Stonelands), and the Eastern Stormhorns, so it makes a secluded, but popular, date spot. In the southeastern base of Pillar Rock is a dilapidated old tomb where Eveningstar's honored dead were once interred. A few centuries ago, a necromancer performed dire experiments in the old tomb, but paladins of Lathander killed him and sealed the entrance with divine magic. With the coming of the Spellplague, these incantations have faded and the tomb is now sealed only by a massive stone slab. As one delves deeper underground, earthquakes and other seismic events become increasingly common, foreshadowing two future adventures.
    • The tomb at Pillar Rock has very plain, moss-covered architecture and simplistic coffins and sarcophagi. Giant ants (use the stats for Kruthik) have long nested here, but recent quakes and the Spellplague have awakened a number of the bodies entombed here as undead, including ghouls, skeletons, and zombies.
    • Locations: ornate mausoleum of a wealthy Sembian thief (encounter 1); memorial to travelers frozen to death during an especially harsh winter (encounter 3); the tomb of the Eveningstar family who were the original Evenor settlers (encounter 4); giant ant nest with human bones picked clean (encounter 5).
    • Inscriptions: "Molest ye not these tombs, for I hath hexed them. - Malloco the Mad" (entrance), "Here lies the merchant prince Rodriguez in exile, a thief whose wealth was once greater than all the pirates in Sembia." (encounter 1), "Winter's icy grasp has cost these travelers their lives. We shall never forget them, even if we do not know their names." (encounter 3), "Here lieth the Eveningstar family, the founders of thy village. Thou owest them thy respect and tributeth ye that which is thine to their descendants, for all time." (encounter 4).
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