Goblin Adventure Summary

Manan Ba'arin (Exposition)

The Initiation

The player characters (Baram, Evgeni, Grimbergen, Habakul, Ogan, and Wartooth), along with Hrothgar and Splug, are inducted into the Crimson Talon. In the foot of Nalavara's volcano lair, the warchief Uglúk says a few words and the induction begins with the red dragon slashing each across his brilliant new suit of armor and then bathing them in flame. Hrothgar bears them both with pride, while Splug winces and hides.

DM Goals

  • Introduce Major NPCs: Uglúk and Nalavara.
  • Introduce Minor NPCs: Hrothgar and Splug.

The Briefing (Exposition)

Fast forward to the present day, in the hobgoblin village of Manan Ba'arin. Hrothgar, who is now in a position of authority, explains the details of his plan to invade the goliath camp Rimespire. When he leaves, Splug takes the player characters out to show them a good time before their potentially-deadly mission. Amidst their drinking contests and whoring, Splug makes it clear that he's no fan of Hrothgar's leadership and tries to recruit them into an assassination plot.

DM Goals

  • Explain the adventure.
  • Make the players question Hrothgar's leadership and Splug's loyalty.


The Assault

Two lookouts guard the pass to Rimespire. Upon the camp being alerted, another ten goliath nomads rush headlong into battle (Encounter: 12 Goliath Nomads). Scouting the edges of the camp for the Blessed Brotherhood, the player characters find the village's beastmasters (Encounter: 2 Goliath Berserkers + 5 Horned Drakes). Noticing the banner of the god Amaunator, the Crimson Talon enters the chaotic battleground (Encounter: 9 Goliath Warriors). They march on the large tent in the middle of the village but are stopped by Risar son of Sarsoak, the brother of Bolthor (Encounter: Risar, Goliath Barbarian + 4 Goliath Berserkers), but the barbarian escapes.

DM Goals

  • A fast-paced, chaotic battle and four combat encounters.

The Chieftain's Cave

Despite their surprise attack and superior numbers, the goblin horde is forced to withdraw and regroups outside of Rimespire. Several goblins report that the Blessed Brotherhood were leading the surviving non-combatants to a cave for their safety, which naturally leads most of them to assume it is the former dragon's lair that is now home to the goliath chieftain, Dagoth. When they encounter the chieftain, he performs a ritual with separates him from his spirit companion and then pulls an Obi-Wan Kenobi, being struck down and returning more powerful than you could possibly imagine (Encounter: Dagoth, Goliath Shaman).

DM Goals

  • Just a cool encounter and a Star Wars reference.

Stonefang Pass

The Blessed Brotherhood was actually being led to a cave called Stonefang Pass, an abandoned dwarfhold. Hrothgar, Splug, and a host of hobgoblin grunts accompany the Crimson Talon. They find the Blessed Brotherhood, but are eluded due to a bright flash of divine light, but this catches the attention of two necromancers, Ariana and Claude. Seeing an opportunity to use the goblins to complete their goals, the necromancers do battle with the Crimson Talon (Encounter: Nightbringer Necromancers) and then lead them on a chase to Stonefang's binding chamber, where the goliath have hidden and Tessaril Winter is protecting a series of four altars from the necromancers.

At this point, Splug makes his move and invites the player characters to join him.

  • Have the player characters decide amongst themselves who to support. The four most likely choices are:
    • Side with the warlord Hrothgar against Splug… and gain a +2 to Fortitude Defense for their great stamina.
    • Side with the rogue Splug against Hrothgar… and gain a +2 to Reflex Defense for their lightning reflexes.
    • Side with neither against both of them… and gain a +2 to Will Defense for their iron will.
    • Side with neither and do not act… and gain no bonus to any stat for being faggots.

In the confusion, the Blessed Brotherhood charges into combat with a throaty cry to Amaunator (Encounter: The Blessed Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun). Remind the players to interrogate the Blessed Brotherhood while battling with them. Their questions should largely be concerned with the death of Muzgash and the location of Lagduf. The Brotherhood knows nothing about either of these, but they fight evil to the death!

  • After three rounds, the necromancer Claude will make a move on one of Stonefang's bindings and will retrieve his mighty rib, only to be frozen in place by Tessaril Winter's cone of cold. A petrified creature gains Resist 20 damage, but if they can damage him he'll shatter and they'll have access to the artifact.
  • After six rounds, earthquakes and the apparent awakening of the giant Stonefang end the encounter even if a clear winner has not been determined. Any characters who have died, whether among the Blessed Brotherhood or the Crimson Talon, will remain dead forever.

DM Goals

  • Remind the players of certain storyline elements.
  • Make the players choose between Hrothgar and Splug.
  • Introduce Stonefang Pass and the Nightbringers (foreshadowing).
  • End the Goblin adventure with a sense of mystery.
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