The "Starcloaks" are a populist anarchist movement in Eveningstar led by Shevaril Starcloak. With the outbreak of the Spellplague in Cormyr and the abdication of Tessaril Winter and ascension of Reardon Cormaeril, the quality of life for the Evenor has been on a steady decline and several citizens reached their breaking point and organized against the Crown-sanctioned Lord.

The group rallied around their former Lord, Tessaril Winter, which granted her apprentice Shevaril Starcloak de facto leadership of the organization. Their leader, along with their loose Selûnite dogma, unofficially gives the Starcloaks their name, with their namesake being realized in the dark purple and blue cloaks they wear, which are adorned with shimmering silver stars.

Known Starcloaks

  • Shevaril Starcloak
    • The apprentice of Lady Tessaril Winter simply knows that Reardon Cormaeril had something to do with the disappearance of her mistress, and will strike against the Lord and his entourage to find out exactly what they know.
  • Théodore Rousseau
    • His life (a retired Purple Dragon and carpenter) was finally returning to normalcy after more than a decade, before his neighbor (and love interest) Joséphine Dupuis was imprisoned unjustly by their so-called "Lord." He wants to force Reardon Cormaeril to free Joséphine, or to remove him from power to convince his successor.
  • Anson Blythe
    • This baker lost his bakery when Enid Cormaeril found out how many calories were in his double chocolate éclair and he was not allowed to renew his lease. He's confident with Tessaril (or Shevaril) ruling Eveningstar, he can get back to creating those delicious, fattening treats.
  • Brennan Corlis
    • This glassblower with a history of depression believes that killing Lord Cormaeril will impress Tessaril Winter, with whom he is both madly in love and unhealthily obsessed, even though they've never met.
  • Caspian Allegro
    • This fisherman and conservationist believes that Reardon is not doing enough to protect the verdant woodlands and crisp, clean waters around Eveningstar, fearing they will become polluted like the shores of his native Sembia.
  • Darin Hall
    • Goblins killed this mason's wife a few weeks after Reardon Cormaeril withdrew the militia and ended their patrols into the farmlands surrounding Eveningstar, where she was killed. Unlike Shevaril, Darin wants vengeance, not answers.
  • Ethan Moore
    • This porter just hates the government. He wasn't spurned in any meaningful way by the Cormaerils; in fact, he hated Tessaril Winter just as much, and hates Azoun V even more.
  • Fabian and Gilbert Meisner
    • These brothers inherited their family farm almost twenty years ago, and since that time have run it into the ground, instead honing their anarchist rhetoric and printing dozens of unreleased manifestos. Though they are undeniably insane, the belief that they were harmless was shattered in the attack on Reardon Cormaeril.
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