Eberk Hardcastle
Eberk Hardcastle
Race Dwarf
Alignment Lawful Good
Patron Deity Moradin
Character Sheet

Eberk Hardcastle is a Purple Dragon veteran who retired to Eveningstar. Already a veteran of wars with orcs and goblins before he moved to Cormyr and enlisted, Eberk saw action in the Goblin War and proved his worth on the field of battle on dozens of occasions. Now an old man, he lives off of his military benefits and makes coin on the side selling stone figurines which he carves from a deposit of granite he bought a decade ago, but was unable to gather the funds to establish a suitable mining operation.

Eberk stand about 4'10" with broad shoulders and a steely gray beard. He was good with a blade, but has always preferred the traditional weapons of his people: the battleaxe and the warhammer. Eberk's late cousin Emerald was the wife of Fatback, the chef at the Lonesome Tankard, which (unfortunately?) makes him a kinsman of the Stonegut Clan.

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