The eladrin are mysterious people of Faerie. Masters of sword and spell, they defend their glittering cities and ancestral homelands from the dark forces arrayed against them. Eladrin are possessed of a keen, almost instinctual understanding of magic. They are most comfortable in places where the veil between the mortal world and the Feywild is at its thinnest, such as Myth Drannor and Evermeet. While eladrin are content to seclude themselves among their own kind behind the wards and defenses protecting their communities, the burgeoning evil stalking the lands brings forth many eladrin champions who devote their lives to battling their ancient enemies.

Description and Homelands

Drow, elves, and eladrin can all trace their histories back to a common ancestor in the Feywild. Millennia of life on Faerûn, coupled with their natural proclivity for adapting to their environment, have fostered numerous social, cultural, and even physical differences that result in making them distinct peoples. Although there are marked differences between eladrin and their cousin races, eladrin have subgroupings of their own that some folk mistake for different races.

The most numerous eladrin are those also known as moon elves or silver elves. Fair, being pale to the point of appearing blue in certain light, they are an attractive people with long, silky hair the color of spun silver or deepest black. One can become lost in their entrancing eyes that appear as flecks of gold swimming in deep pools of blue or green.

The second group of eladrin are markedly less common. They are known as sun elves or gold elves, and they are a reclusive people, content to while away their long lives in the seclusion of their breathtaking cities. These eladrin have bronze or golden skin and golden blond, copper, or black hair. Most have green or golden eyes.

Eladrin wear simple and functional garb, enhanced with complex patterns woven into the material. Although lacking much ostentation, their clothing is always of a fine make and of excellent material. They prefer natural colors, but can wear garments of garish hues during holy days and festivals.

Playing an Eladrin in Toril

Many eladrin feel a need to explore. The recent tragedies (in their eyes at least) have checked their wanderlust and prompted many eladrin to retreat to their cities and communities to safeguard those places from the plaguescarred abominations that burbled and gibbered as they ravaged the world. Safe within the confines of Myth Drannor and Evereska, the eladrin use magic and peerless skill at arms to fight back the darkness that encroaches on their ancestral lands.

A few, moon elves mostly, sought refuge in human domains. Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep saw the greatest influxes of eladrin and greatly benefited from their knowledge and expertise in the matters of magic. Glad to lend their talents, many eladrin have found exalted places in human societies and enjoy far more freedom than ever before in such situations. As the world has settled, the eladrin seem ready to explore once more, this time to venture into the perilous new lands of Abeir to discover what secrets they might hold.

Moon elves and sun elves are worlds apart insofar as their dealings with other races are concerned. The moon elves are friendly and outgoing, curious and bold, the first to agree to any adventure regardless of the danger it presents. Moon elves are also the last to withdraw if a situation sours, such is their commitment to whatever cause they champion.

Sun elves are cautious. They detach themselves from their predicaments to consider all their options before committing to any course of action. Their decidedly long view can make them frustrating companions, because they always weigh their choices before making a decision.

Eladrin Characteristics: Aesthetic, deliberative, detached, free, graceful, magical, otherworldly, patient, perceptive
Male Names: Aramil, Arannis, Berrian, Dayereth, Erevan, Galinndan, Hadarai, Immeral, Mindartis, Paelias, Quarion, Riardon, Soveliss
Female Names: Althaea, Anastrianna, Andraste, Bethrynna, Caelynna, Jelenneth, Leshanna, Meriele, Naivara, Quelenna, Sariel, Shanairra, Theirastra, Valenae

Eladrin Adventurers

Three sample eladrin adventurers are described below.

Meriele, eladrin wizard

Meriele is an eladrin wizard. Although her magic favors powers of thunder and lightning, she stands as a point of tranquility in the storm. To her friends, she seems above the world's tumult, present in their midst but clearly apart by her nature. In the evenings, while her companions set up camp and settle in to rest, she slips into a trance and, in her mind, walks among the ageless trees of the Feywild. She smiles at the impatience and impulsiveness of her allies, but they are almost as dear to her as her spellbooks.

Quarion, eladrin rogue

Quarion is an eladrin rogue, as comfortable in the shadows of the world as in the twilight of the Feywild. He moves with the grace of a panther and can be uncannily silent when he chooses. In combat, he finds his mind slipping out of time, as though he were watching himself and his foes moving at a snail's
pace. His enemies' attacks are easy to calculate, their defenses easy to anticipate and circumvent. Combat is a carefully choreographed dance in his mind, and he savors its elegance.

Anastrianna, eladrin warlord

Anastrianna is an eladrin warlord who once served as the captain of the guard in the castle of a noble eladrin, a ghaele of winter. Banished at the ghaele's angry whim, Anastrianna has turned her back on the Feywild entirely. She is haunted by beautiful visions of herself at the head of a fey army, banners fluttering against a sapphire sky and blood staining the perfect snow, and she imagines that her destiny will lead her against her former lady someday.

Eladrin Racial Traits

Average Height: 5' 5"–6' 1"
Average Weight: 130–180 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 Arcana, +2 History
Eladrin Education: You gain training in one additional skill selected from the skill list in Chapter 5 of the Player's Handbook.
Eladrin Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the longsword.
Eladrin Will: You gain a +1 racial bonus to your Will defense. In addition, you gain a +5 racial bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
Fey Origin: Your ancestors were native to the Feywild, so you are considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Trance: Rather than sleep, eladrin enter a meditative state known as trance. You need to spend 4 hours in this state to gain the same benefits other races gain from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.
Fey Step: You can use fey step as an encounter power.

Fey Step Eladrin Racial Power
With a step, you vanish from one place and appear in another.
Encounter ✦ Teleportation
Move Action Personal
Effect: Teleport up to 5 squares (see "Teleportation," Player's Handbook page 286).

Play an eladrin if you want …

  • to be otherworldly and mysterious.
  • to be graceful and intelligent.
  • to teleport around the battlefield, cloaked in the magic of the Feywild.
  • to be a member of a race that favors the wizard, rogue, and warlord classes.

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