Enid Foxborough
Lady Enid Foxborough
Race Human
Alignment Unaligned
Patron Deity Siamorphe
Character Sheet

Lady Enid Foxborough is the widow of Reardon Cormaeril, the former Lord of Eveningstar. No sooner than her husband's body hit the ground, she restored her maiden name and set off for Suzail to find another noble suitor. She is a haughty and jealous woman, who has no patience for others and is always quick with a sarcastic or passive-aggressive remark. Enid must always be surrounded by finery, and she wears her jewelry over her nightgown and even in the bath. Even after 46 years and seven children, she is still looking pretty good, but this has little-to-no effect on her husband's wandering eye (to say nothing of his other organs).

Apart from giving birth to them, Enid was never really much of a mother to her children. Her favorite child is her gentle middle son Donovan, and her least favorite child is her eldest son Brendan, who she sees as nothing but a younger and more spoiled version of her husband. Reardon and their youngest daughter Leslie have been fighting since puberty, and Enid has grown so tired of it that she occasionally replaces her daughter's nararoot with herbal tea to get her out of the house faster.

During the Ebon League's assault on the Cormaeril estate, James Hind tried his best to be a debonair pirate hero like some kind of ladyporn love god and swung into her bedroom on a rope made of her youngest daughter's ejaculate-stained bedsheets. James and Enid made hot, passionate love for just a few minutes (he had work to do, this has never happened before, he swears!).

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