Race Goblin
Heroic Class Druid 5
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Player Jim Stadalnikas

They all thought Evgheni was mad and, quite frankly after having been in the shadow of his brother Cruzby his whole life, he was. Cruzby was a great shaman of their small tribe, and the people loved him, and (unreasonably) they all hated Evgheni for not being as great as his brother; they even kicked him out of his combat training. Because they knew that Cruzby was so great, he they assumed he must have all the powers left in their bloodline, so Evgheni never got to start his training and was doomed to be a goblin cook for the village. Slowly jealousy and madness twisted the poor little guy's already screwed up head further and further toward hatred. "I know what I need to do," he thought to himself, "I need to kill my brother!" And slowly Evgheni started using poisons to corrupt the food he served, learning first what was effective on the children of the village, and then increasing doses to affect even the full-grown adults of his tribe, all the while going deeper and deeper into the forest to find new poisons and diseases to make sure the final banquet he served Cruzby would be his last meal. It was during these excursions that Evgheni started talked to the scorpions and wasps from which he would collect venom, and to his surprise they understood his desires, even to the point of offering their poison to him without struggle or fuss. The rotten meat he used to cook was riddled with flies and maggots (goblins eat shit anyway right?) and even they had started listening to Evgheni, helping him spread disease throughout the village and furthering his goals. It was not long until Cruzby, poisoned and already feeling ill, was confronted by his brother, the only healthy goblin left in the village. Evgheni claimed that it was because of Cruzby's rule they had fallen from their god's favor and that he was to blame for the illness that was destroying their village, but Cruzby knew what his brother had done and he immediately threw all the allegation back at Evgheni and, since he was so loved by the rest of the Villagers and Evgheni was a loser weirdo, he was immediately believed.

Poor Evgheni was tied up, stretched between two great trees, and was slated for execution by his brother. In order to make sure Evgheni felt the pain of his actions, Cruzby chose to kill him by leaving him tied up at the bottom of a hill and rolling a large cart carrying the sharpened trunk of a tree at him, skewering him for all to see. They proceeded with their plan, bust as the pointed tip was to penetrate Evgheni's torso, he burst into a swarm of his beloved wasps and flies. None in the village were spared that day, and piles of stung, swollen, and diseased goblin corpses were all that was remained when Evgheni finally regained enough control to force his form back together. "What power!" he thought to himself, and proceeded to take a nap, dreaming of how great he had now become.

The next day a large contingent of hobgoblins came through town to force the small village to help them make the humans pay for their actions in the war of human aggression, and Evgheni immediately saw this as an opportunity to hone his newfound powers. He explained to the hobgoblins that some humans killed his entire village and he was the only survivor, and that now he wants nothing more the to eliminate every human left in this world to slake his lust for vengeance. Warchief Uglúk knew that no humans did this to the village, but he also knew that if this was the work of one goblin, he could be a powerful ally, another dark magi, and will join him (or die).

The Silver Company

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