Series Cast & Crew

Main Cast

Ezekiel "Ghost" Fulton
A Rambo-esque figure abandoned on Hera during the Battle of Serenity Valley long after the Independents surrendered to the Alliance, Zeke lived off the dirt and rocks for months before he finally escaped the planet. He worked as a guide for a time, until fate intervened and he fell in with the crew.
Jeff Cohen
Jeff Cohen is a genius mechanic who wasted his gift building useless machines and hoarding gadgets. "I know it's broken, I'll get to it. Did you see the output if I reroute 3% power from the grav-belt?"
Quinton Williams
When the Browncoats surrendered, ace pilot Quinton Williams wasn't ready to give up the fight. Now he and his allies continue to wage war with a much more personal touch.
Randy Randerson
"Rando" ran Browncoat blockades during the war delivering dirty, little Alliance secrets, but he's a true mercenary who will take any job from any lowlife, if the price is right.

Supporting Cast

The Boat
The players still need to name this light duty transport ship.
Miscellaneous Crew
(one per PC?) Anyone who regularly stays behind with the boat; a co-pilot, the cook, a gambler, a valet, a guard dog, etc.

Guest Starring

Calling Badger a psychotic lowlife is an insult to the psychotic lowlife community, but he's a well-established, could-be gentleman criminal who works out of Eavesdown Docks on Persephone.
Wing Kong Exchange
The Wing Kong Exchange is the name given to a loosely-affiliated black market smuggling network that operates on the edge of the border planets and some planets throughout the rim. The Alliance would love to shut down the Wing Kong Exchange, but for every smuggler or slaver they manage to remove from circulation, another immediately fills the opening. Aspects: Black Marketeers, Amoral, Security by Obscurity
Black Lotus
While the Wing Kong Exchange is a morally neutral entity, the Black Lotus crime family, whose connection to the network is widely known but completely unclear, is not. Bound by no principle but honor, they will take any job and forgive no slight. Aspects: Criminal Network, Dark Past, Honor Among Thieves
General Tso
General Tso is a cruel, decorated war hero turned Union of Allied Planets politician. There are dozens of exaggerated stories depicting his bravery and his deeds, but none stands out more than gassing an entire settlement to set a trap for retreating Independents, who his men proceeded to slaughter to the last. Though widely circulated among the Browncoats, the story never caught on with Alliance sympathizers and most regard it to be a matter of fake news and propaganda. Aspects (known): War Criminal, Secret Coward, Vast Resources
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