Ezekiel "Ghost" Fulton

Ezekiel "Ghost" Fulton, often just Zeke or Ghost, has a backstory Dave is going to describe for you.

A Rambo-esque figure abandoned on Hera during the Battle of Serenity Valley long after the Independents surrendered to the Alliance, Zeke lived off the dirt and rocks for months before he finally escaped the planet. He worked as a guide for a time, until fate intervened and he ended up aboard the SHIP.

Ezekiel "Ghost" Fulton
Physical Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 4


  • Survivalist Soldier (high concept)
  • Abandonment Issues (trouble)
  • Under the Radar
  • Simple Elegance in Transparency
  • Leap Before You Look


  • Survival (+4)
  • Physical (+3), Will (+3)
  • Athletics (+2), Fight (+2), Notice (+2)
  • Lore (+1), Provoke (+1), Shoot (+1), Stealth (+1)

Stunts (Refresh 2):

  • Grappler School: +2 to Fight to create an advantage by rasslin'
  • Reactive Shot: Use Notice instead of Shoot when reactively shooting
  • Find Cover: Use Survival to defend against Shoot in natural terrain
  • Killing Stroke: Spend Fate to increase a Consequence
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