Firefly S01E01

Scene 0 - Eavesdown Docks - Watering Hole - Interior

Let's start the game in a shitty bar and try to introduce some of the Fate mechanics.

Encounters: bar brawl, fight vs fight and physical stress; wood alcohol, mental stress, drunk complication; there's a pickpocket about, stealth and burglary vs notice; looking for work, contacts, investigate, rapport;

Scene 1 - Eavesdown Docks - Unification Day - Exterior - Day

On this anniversary of the Alliance victory over the Independents, the peasant caste of the planet Persephone are celebrating in the streets. Perhaps they're not so much overjoyed about the Browncoats' defeat, instead excited about the day off and the federally-funded parades. We'll do the usual introduction stuff here; tell me who you are, how you're dressed, what you're carrying—any schtick that tells us anything meaningful. I'll improv some events between the introductions. As the merriment continues, a shoddily-dressed lackey approached the player characters and tells them Badger has a job for them.

Encounters: a group of overly-enthusiastic revelers try to tear down a Browncoat memorial; a persistent street vendor is determined to sell four ice planets; a group of teenagers vandalizes a snack booth, releasing the cats and dogs into the parade; a federal in the parade appears to recognize a player character.

Scene 2 - Eavesdown Docks - Badger's Hideout - Interior - Night

The "legitimate businessman" Badger's former associate Jian Dong was recently arrested for smuggling and is rumored to have turned confidential informant. Though the Alliance's interests lie primarily in cracking the Black Lotus crime syndicate (the underhand of Persephone's Wing Kong exchange), Badger can't risk someone with such an intimate knowledge of his own dealings to be speaking to the feds. Unfortunately for Badger, Jian's currently sequestered in the local Alliance outpost, so not even the player characters would be able to extract him.

Luckily, there are far simpler ways to make sure Jian doesn't talk. Badger's offer to the player characters is simple: follow Jian's wife Min, elude or dispatch her private security, and then without attracting any additional federal attention, return Min to Badger's hideout where she can be kept safe from the Alliance.

Scene 3 - Northspire Towers - Greenwood Mall - Interior - Day

Greenwood Mall is an upscale retail park, where Persephone's aristocrats and wealthy elite can shop for clothes that cost more than refueling the boat for a year. Min wears a slender gown with a feather boa, and is currently shopping along with her private security detail, four burly men in cheap suits who seem to be making a concerted effort not to hide that they're carrying large caliber pistols. There are plenty of options for moving on Min: the characters could approach as shop attendants and lure her away, they could nab her from a fitting room or restroom, they could lure away the guard detail, they could they could attack the guard detail outright, or anything else those 'tards come up with.

Encounters: the Blue Sun store is having a U-Day sale that looks like a Black Friday nightmare; two Alliance purple-bellies are harassing anyone who doesn't look like they belong; obnoxious couple making out are blocking the escalator; a lost child wanders around the mall crying (pickpocket).

Scene 4 - Northspire Towers - Greenwood Mall - Interior - Day

However the player characters decide to obtain Min, they're possibly surprised to learn that the Black Lotus had a similar idea, and now both of their plans have gone sideways. A fight is certain to break out, but how that fight goes is up to the players and their decision making. The Lotus will primarily focus on obtaining Min, and will take cover behind whatever they can find, trying to obtain her first and then withdraw. The player characters will likely be a little more bold, so if they act quickly they can obtain Min and then take up a defensive position which will put the Lotus at a major disadvantage. If they haven't been eluded or killed, Min's security detail will attempt to protect her from both parties; only our intrepid heroes should be able to take advantage of that.

Scene 5 - Northspire Towers - Greenwood Mall - Exterior - Day

Now that someone has kidnapped Min, the opposing party will be determined to give chase. If the player characters do not possess a vehicle, it's not overly difficult to steal one. If all of the Lotus have been killed, there's another vehicle of them waiting outside. After an exciting chase, the player characters (hopefully) remain standing with Min in their possession, and they can make the delivery to Badger.

Scene 6 - Eavesdown Docks - Badger's Hideout - Interior - Night

Badger will want to know about the day's events, particularly as it relates to any complications he might expect. He has no love for the Black Lotus, but they're not really enemies either, so learning about their involvement shouldn't worry him overly, unless something extreme happened. Hell, if the Lotus want her, he's now got a bargaining chip the next time they discuss some business, as well. Payment is made in full, in (untraceable) platinum. Badger unsubtly suggests that the player characters get off world for a while.

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