Jeff Cohen

Jeff Cohen has a backstory Brad is going to describe for you.

Jeff Cohen is a genius mechanic who wasted his gift building useless machines and hoarding gadgets.

"I know it's broken, I'll get to it. Did you see the output if I reroute 3% power from the grav-belt?"

Jeff Cohen
Physical Stress: 2
Mental Stress: 3


  • Zen Mechanic (high concept)
  • Lazy Genius (trouble)
  • Over-Engineered to Perfection
  • No Sense of Urgency
  • Plausible Deniability


  • Mechanics (+4)
  • Lore (+3), Rapport (+3)
  • Empathy (+2), Investigate (+2), Notice (+2)
  • Athletics (+1), Contacts (+1), Resources (+1), Will (+1)

Stunts (Refresh 3):

  • Always Make Useful Things: No Fate Point required to have required tool
  • Indomitable: +2 vs Provoke against fear or intimidation
  • Jury Rig: +2 to Mechanics to make emergency repairs
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