Quinton Williams

Quinton Williams has a backstory Bryan is going to describe for you.

When the Browncoats surrendered, ace pilot Quinton Williams wasn't ready to give up the fight. Now he and his allies continue to wage war with a much more personal touch.

Quinton Williams
Physical Stress: 2
Mental Stress: 3


  • Revolutionary Pilot (high concept)
  • Conspiracy Theorist (trouble)
  • Recruiting Allies for Something Big
  • Decorated Pilot
  • You Can't Take the Sky From Me


  • Pilot (+4)
  • Contacts (+3), Mechanics (+3)
  • Deceive (+2), Rapport (+2), Shoot (+2)
  • Investigate (+1), Resources (+1), Stealth (+1), Will (+1)

Stunts (Refresh 3):

  • Hard to Shake: +2 to Pilot when pursuing another ship in a chase scene
  • Pedal to the Metal:
  • Slippery Target:
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