Randy Randerson

Randy "Rando" Randerson (an obvious pseudonym) has a backstory Jim is going to describe for you.

Rando ran Browncoat blockades during the war delivering dirty, little Alliance secrets, but he's a true mercenary who will take any job from any lowlife, if the price is right.

Randy Randerson
Physical Stress: 2
Mental Stress: 3


  • Mercenary Smuggler (high concept)
  • Greedy Opportunist (trouble)
  • Knows the Alliance's Dirty Secret
  • Black Market Technology
  • Off the Grid


  • Deceive (+4)
  • Contacts (+3), Resources (+3)
  • Notice (+2), Pilot (+2), Rapport (+2)
  • Burglary (+1), Shoot (+1), Stealth (+1), Will (+1)

Stunts (Refresh 3):

  • One Person, Many Faces: Spend Fate to create a situational Aspect, use Deceive instead of Rapport
  • Face in a Crowd: +2 to Stealth to blend into a crowd
  • Smuggler: +2 to Burglary to hide things in a spacecraft
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