The 'Verse

The 'Verse

The 'Verse is full of planets terraformed to be as close to Earth-That-Was as they could make 'em.

Central Planets

The central planets are rich, lush worlds with fat, happy people, towering skyscrapers, and ready access to technology and healthcare. Following the Unification War, all of the central planets fall under Alliance rule.

  • Imports: livestock, raw materials, illicit drugs
  • Exports: foodstuffs, finished goods, medicine
  • Dangers: Alliance patrols, pickpockets

Border Planets

The border worlds are as advanced as the central planets but as rough as the rim, a perfect polite society yin to the seedy underbelly yang. The Alliance rules the border worlds, too, but there's enough sky between them that the feds don't really pay much attention. When the people of the core wish to engage in clandestine dealings, they usually do so on a border world.

  • Imports: medicine, illicit drugs
  • Exports: firearms, mercenaries
  • Dangers: criminals, pirates

Rim Planets

Far from Alliance rule and the prosperity that comes with it, life on the rim is as hard as it is free. Most rim folk spend their lives practicing simple trades or driving cattle between settlements across vast expanses of wilderness, praying that today isn't the day reavers come calling.

  • Imports: foodstuffs, finished goods, medicine
  • Exports: livestock, raw materials, illicit drugs
  • Dangers: Reavers, raiders, starvation



Perfectly located between the central planets and the border worlds, Persephone is the perfect glimpse into what life on Earth-That-Was might have been like. Laboring under a strict social hierarchy, Persephone's aristocracy throw fancy masquerade balls in their palatial estates and high-rise penthouses, while the nearby streets are packed full of cutthroats and beggars trying to scrape together enough platinum to afford a fried dog. Alliance patrols are common enough to be expected here, though infrequent enough to conduct all manner of underworld enterprise. Much like Earth before it, the Feds really only care about the places where the citizens pay their taxes.

Persephone is the player characters' de facto home port, though obviously their true home is the boat. Their initial contact Badger is based here (in the Eavesdown Docks), as well as some of their early antagonists (the Black Lotus crime syndicate).

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