February 13, 2008

On February 13, 2008 the Silver Company continued north towards Citadel Adbar. An encounter with an ancient evil forced the heroes to take a detour into a haunted dwarven forge. 1500 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The Silver Company departed the farmhouse and continued north towards Citadel Adbar. By sunset they had reached the Wildlands Rest Tavern where they spent a much deserved night of drinking and story telling with their dwarven companions. They were back on the road north the next day.

The following night, during their watch shift, Ivellios and Paron spotted a thin column of smoke stemming from a nearby mountain. Not knowing the dangers of North, they woke Thorin Ironhand. Upon seeing the smoke Thorin’s normally dour expression turned even more grim. Thorin told them the legend of the Khundrukar, a haunted dwarven stronghold once held by the Stonehammer Clan.

The next day, the Silver Company was on the road again. Over the crest of one hill, Zichew spotted the remains of a ravaged caravan, just in front of their intended entrance into the Underdark. Drago bravely went to scout the area. The eerie scene was littered with electrocuted corpses and unlooted wagons. Silently, the behir Grimlight, the terror of the north, surfaced from the snow behind Drago. A chase ensued and forced the heroes back towards the Khundrukar, but not before losing several dwarves to Grimlight.

With no other options available, the Silver Company decided to venture in the Khundrukar and cleave a path into the Underdark. Thorin and his men, fearing their ancestral spirits, held a defensive position in the woods. The heroes found no wandering ghosts or tortured spirits waiting for them in the forge. Instead they found a well entrenched tribe of goblinoids.

The initial assault on the fortress-like forge was difficult at best. Ivellios concentrated his arrow fire into the goblin manned arrow slits. Drago boldly charged a hobgoblin position across a rickety bridge while Thulsa and Zichew bombarded the monsters with magic. The bridge burned away and Paron, Ivellios, Thulsa, and Zichew continued the fight down another hallway assaulting a goblin barracks. Instead of rejoining his companions, Drago continued forward to discover a makeshift prison. The goblinoids had two human captives that Drago quickly rescued and armed with goblin weapons.

With some of their important resources used, and with new knowledge of the enemy, the Silver Company may be forced to regroup and resupply soon.

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