February 21, 2008

February 21, 2008 was an impromptu make-up session for the game canceled on February 20. The Silver Company cleared the top floor of Khundrukar, killing the bugbear chieftain, hobgoblin warden, and goblin shaman who made this level their home. 3000 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The Silver Company did not call for retreat, as previously thought may be necessary, but decided to push through this level. Zichew, Paron, and Thulsa headed through the small hallway that connected the arrow slits. They dispatched several hobgoblins before breaching the door to what appeared to be a barracks. A few hobgoblins stood with their captain. Thulsa enlarged Paron Andris and, combined with Zichew's hail of bolts, the room was cleared quickly. But, Old Yarrick had fled through the back door.

Zichew opened the door slowly and saw a large stone statue of a dwarf warrior standing in the alcove, pointing straight down the hall. Paron, fearing no traps, waded through the area, unleashing a gout poisonous gas. Zichew discerned the trigger to be a rather large pressure plate, just in front of the statue and began quickly to disassemble the device. Thulsa leapt over the pressure plate, following Paron toward an inner chamber. Drago had met them from the other side of the hallway at this point, having sent the two rescued prisoners to watch the entrance room. They approached a large wooden door splattered in blood and with a skull pinned to the door. Paron threw the door open and saw Old Yarrick standing side-by-side with Ulfe, the goblins' chieftain.

As Ulfe drove back Drago with attacks from his one handed greataxe, Thulsa shot forth a sickly gray ray at the bugbear, draining the vigor from his body. Weakened, Ulfe was forced into a deep slumber by the continued magical assault of Thulsa. Paron, trusting Drago to hold back Yarrick, performed the coup de grace. Drago and Paron pushed Yarrick back into the small bedroom and dealt the killing blows.

Forcing their way through a small secret door, the Silver Company stumbled upon a short ugly creature poring over an old kettle… a goblin shaman! Her body guards were cut down as she angrily cast a spell. Eight identical figures sprang across the room from her body and just as quickly she made them invisible. Thulsa outlined the false images with a magical dust and Drago, intimate with this illusion, attacked the figure in the center, cutting off the magical powers, forcing the other images to disappear. The goblin shaman was killed very quickly thereafter.

Continuing through an iron bound door with the key still in the lock, the Silver Company emerged into a long rectangular chamber. In the center, a fissure opened in the floor with well crafted steps carved into it. As the heroes approached the opening, a faint buzzing was heard, before they could assess the cause, a dozen or more stirges came flying out of the darkness. Drago was swift enough to swat several down, but Paron was swarmed heavily and nearly drained of all his constitution. Thulsa and Zichew fought a few of the stirges off and saved Paron at the last moment with magic missiles and crossbow bolts.

Curiosity, and a lesser restoration, outweighed the pain of the last attack and the Company ventured to look at the door at the far end of the hallway. Zichew searched the door for any trickery and found none. Paron boldly placed himself in front of the stone door and opened it… the adventurers' world turned to flame as chemicals were spewed from three statues, turning into fire on contact. Paron forced the door shut as Thulsa and Zichew tended to their severe wounds. Zichew could not pass the chance to investigate (and likely, strip) this trap, so Thulsa used a dimension door to enter the room safely behind the statues.

As the company were about to retire for the evening, Thulsa spent the last of his divinations, sending an invisible sensor around the level one last time. As it traveled out the front door and down the mountain path, Thulsa spotted a group of four hobgoblins, returning from whatever tasks a hobgoblin performs. The group decided to put up one last fight and this one would be easy. Drago waited on the far side of the gap where the bridge was burned and harassed the hobgoblins as they entered. Two of them were lured to the back of the level where they were killed by the waiting heroes. The third was dragged into the pit by Drago's summoned wasp. And, the last one had his arms and armor destroyed by Thulsa and was sent back into the wilderness to drive fear into the heart of goblinkind.

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