February 27, 2008

February 27, 2008 saw the Silver Company reach the second floor of Khundrukar, called the Glitterhame. They contended with a nest of stirges, and then ran afoul of a band of troglodytes. 1800 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The Silver Company instructed the stout folk under Thorin Ironhand to take refuge in the first floor of the dwarven citadel while they traveled deeper. The glitterhame, as these natural caves were called, were a thing of natural beauty, with flecks of iron, silver, and mithral faintly reflecting the glow of phosphorescent fungi growing on the walls and stream beds. The cave was rich in mako energy, and would be a fine place to harvest the power of Materia (wait, what?).

The Silver Company, recently recovered from the stirge ambush that left them frail and infirm, battled their way through another group of the dire mosquitoes, and Thulsa Doomhammer destroyed their nest with a fireball spell. The more martially-inclined of the company charged into battle with a group of troglodyte scouts, as Drago Lundgren and one of the stink-lizards fought over the gate control keeping a dire bear at bay. When the trogs had fallen, Ivellios Thornblade used his wild empathy to befriend the bear and returned it to the wild unmolested.

Soon, the heroes discovered the troglodyte warrens, and a hard-fought battle to control the southwest corner of the glitterhame began. The troglodytes were no match for the Silver Company in strength of arms nor spell, but they were stronger swimmers and knew the terrain well, and the two forces found themselves locked in a stalemate.

…and so it remained, until the following week.

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