February 6, 2008

On February 6, 2008 the Silver Company finally departed the town of Deadsnows after saying their goodbyes. They ventured north with their strange contingent of dwarves, wagon drivers, apprentice mages, and captive orc princes. 2200 XP were awarded to each player character.

Plot Synopsis

The scene following the battle with Agarik the Outcast was one of grieving and solemn thankfulness. The people of Deadsnows were tending to their wounded and dead and begining the repairs to the damaged structures. Zichew attempted to clear the orc bodies from the streets with his Steam Driven Cadaver Collector, but only succeeding in flipping serveral orc bodies onto rooftops. Paron shared a tearful goodbye with Lady Icespear while Respen wished his drow friends a fond farewell. Thulsa Doomhammer travelled to the residence of Morwenna Dresdtinn to make his final apologies and last minute purchases. In a surprise twist, Natali Dresdtinn left Deadsnows with the Silver Company looking for adventure1. Thulsa (and perhaps others) mistakenly believe that she has become Thulsa's apprentice.

The caravan left in the early morning, followed by the dwarven soldiers. The dwarves insisted on staying the night at the Hospice of Marthammor Duin, hoping to gain the Wanderer's favor in their journey. The next morning Ivellios had difficulty finding the snow-covered trail, but managed to lead the group.

As nightfall came the caravan came across a farmhouse and barn. The “Lady” of the house was calling into the woods for her daughter’s missing cat, Mr. Muffintops. Drago and Ivellios bravely ventured into wilderness after the cat, but instead they came across a band of gnolls attacking another group of adventurers. The Silver Company bravely engaged the gnolls and won a hard victory. The leader of the rescued adventuring group, Halandar Proudfoot, expressed his gratitude and explained that he was scouring the forest for rare spell research components. Still in search of the elusive Mr. Muffintops and spell components, the adventuring groups joined forces.

Deeper in the forest, Ivellios tracked Thulsa’s feline familiar and Mr. Muffintops to a large, wicked looking tree. Halandar, almost giddy, explained that they had found the rare component he was looking for, the tree’s glowing sap. Halander’s ranger companions approached to tap the tree’s sap, but were quickly batted away by the tree’s own limbs. The tree was a treant! After an exchange of moral beliefs, the Silver Company determined that Halandar was driven to near madness by his lust for power. Halander exclaimed that, for the sake of his own research, he would kill the treant. The Silver Company, with no desire to take innocent lives (or lose their own), joined forces with the treant to defeat the evil halfling and his ranger goons.

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