Feldys Oakshadow

Feldys Oakshadow is a wood elf druid from the Nether Mountains. Feldys worships Rillifane Rallathil, the patron deity of wood elves. She has a sod hut on the western edge of Deadsnows, in the foothills of Mount Oervhek. After she rescued Respen Tuin from a worg, Feldys sent him on a quest to slay the wyvern on Mount Grimfang.


Feldys Oakshadow was the second child of Nellas Oakshadow, a wood elf druidess, born in the High Forest in 1162 DR. Feldys didn't know her father, but he was probably Mithrellas Arrowleaf, a member of her mother's circle and one of her known consorts. Nellas' other child, Elros, had already reached adulthood and had a child of his own, a half-sun elf daughter named Elenwë. In 1168 DR a band of orcs and gnolls stumbled upon the druid circle and killed a great number in the ensuing chaos, among them Feldys' mother. The circle disbanded, and Feldys was then raised as Elros' adoptive daughter rather than his sister1.

Feldys and Elenwë were like sisters, and grew up to be the very best of friends. When they had reached adulthood, Feldys was a powerful druid and Elenwë had become a talented evoker. For over a century the pair traveled Faerûn together in search of adventure, joining and leaving adventuring bands and meeting scores of strange individuals. In all the time they journeyed, they had both come to realize that their feelings for one another had blossomed beyond sisterhood, and they became lovers2.

The sisters remained romantically involved for the better half of a century before they simply grew apart and, as with the changing of the seasons, moved on with their lives3. Feldys traveled north for the Silver Marches, while Elenwë traveled east to Evereska. Feldys, now over 200 years old, elected to settle down (at least for a time) and became the second-ranking member of the druid circle in the central Nether Mountains (near Deadsnows).

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