Geth Stonar

Geth Stonar is the elected speaker for the village of Quaervarr. His skin is rough and weather-worn, and he makes up for his thinning scalp with a bushy handlebar mustache. Geth isn't much for diplomacy, preferring intimidation and even more overt methods, and his stocky build and tattoos do little to hide that fact. What makes Geth Stonar an able leader, however, is his devotion to the safety and liberty of Quaervarr and its people, a belief which trickles down into every aspect of Geth's life. His demeanor is easily misinterpreted as that of a boisterous and obnoxious fool, but most find him an outgoing man with no tongue for timid politics and niceties. As the speaker for his village, Geth is privy to all manner of information about the Moonwood, and he also has the final say on matters of defense, including the admission and banishment of outsiders and expatriates. Many who come to Quaervarr (whether to visit the Whistling Stag or some other business) remember Geth for his vibrant storytelling, complete with pantomime.

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