Gilgeam, once God-king of Unther, is a deceased demi-god. He was at one time the leader of the Untheric pantheon. His portfolio included battle, prowess, strength and Unther.

the Great, Father of Victory, the Supreme Ruler of Unther, the Tyrant
Intermediate Deity (deceased)
Symbol A clenched red fist backed by a golden sun on a black lozenge
Home Plane Earth?!
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Strength, the sky, battle, cities, athletic prowess, the land of Unther
Worshipers Untheric nobility and warriors
Cleric Alignments LE, LN, NE
Domains Evil, Law, Strength, Tyranny, War
Favored Weapon "Rod of Victory" (heavy mace)

Real world derivation

The land of Unther models the Mesopotamian civilization, particularly Uruk (an ancient city of Sumer, and later Babylonia, in present day Iraq).

The name 'Gilgeam' is very similar to 'Gilgamesh', an ancient king of Uruk and a demi-god. The Epic of Gilgamesh reveals a lot of the character and actions of Gilgamesh that relate closely to what little we know of Gilgeam. With this knowledge, we will consider the two equal.

History in Earth

In ancient lore, Gilgeam engaged in many adventures with a powerful friend (and demi-god), Enkidu. During these travels, Gilgeam experiences many dreams and his friend interprets them for him. During one adventure, Gilgeam fought a forest demon and showed pity when it was defeated. But, Enkidu encourages him to kill it. The demon curses them both before Gilgeam can finish it off.

For their various actions, Enkidu and Gilgeam are made to pay penance to the gods. They decide to kill Enkidu. Gilgeam beseeches the gods and offers many gifts, in order that they might walk with Enkidu in the afterworld.

To avoid a similar fate, Gilgeam makes a great journey to find a great human hero and gain immortality. During this time, he treads many dangerous lands, makes a few mistakes, fights many great enemies, and makes some friends. Siduri, a great female divinity, attempts to dissuade him and tells him to live a good human life, but he persists. She eventually helps him.

The hero tells Gilgeam that fighting the fate of humans is futile and ruins the joy in life. Gilgeam persists, but he fails the test of immortality and fails a second quest given out of pity. He is sent back to Uruk in exile and falls prostrate in front of the massive city walls, a testament to the greatness of mere humans.

Origin in the Realms

The Imaskari captured the Unther people from Earth and enslaved them. Along with deities from the Egyptian (Mulhorandi) pantheon, Lord Ao contacted several from the Mesopotamian (Untheric) pantheon. Enlil, partriarch of the Untheric pantheon brought over the aspects of Mesopotamian deities, among these was Gilgeam.


Gilgeam was seen as abusive and threatening to the people of Unther. His tyrannical nature grew particularly after the battle where Marduk destroyed Tiamat. After this time, he gained the title 'the Tyrant'.

History in the Realms

-1071 DR

Gilgeam and the Untheric pantheon marched to war against the Orc pantheon. Many gods were slain on both sides. During the final Battle of the Gods, Tiamat launched a surprise attack against Gilgeam. Marduk intervened, sacrificing his life to kill Tiamat and save the God-king.

1346 DR

An aspect of Tiamat known as the Dark Lady was summoned. She sought to overthrow Gilgeam over the next dozen years resulting in the fomention of rebellion throughout Unther. This conflict culminated during the Time of Troubles with Gilgeam destroying Tiamat, seemingly putting an end to her threat towards his eternal rule. However, Tiamat's essence was splintered among three powerful dragons in the region. The largest of the three, Tchazzar, consumed the other two, thereby transformed into Tiamat anew. Eventually Gilgeam was slain during a battle with the reborn Tiamat, throwing Unther into chaos and dissolving the whole Untheric pantheon.

Notable followers

  • Shuruppak - A wizard/warrior and one-time right hand of Gilgeam.
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